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The Problem – Over Production & Over Consumption.

For the last few decades, we as a society have been consuming without realising the long-term consequences of our consumption: ultimately we have been a contributing factor to fuelling the climate crisis.

Demand for new clothing continues to grow across the world, yet the fashion industry has a serious waste problem. Globally 30% of clothing remains unsold as deadstock - equating to up to 20 billion items annually. This glut of excess stock leaves brands with a few options - go on sale, or literally destroy the product. We are living with a culture of disposability, while we recognise we have played our part- we will never stop looking for ways to innovate and improve. Our commitment to sustainability is here to stay.

Scratch the surface and what you find is shocking - Luxury brands and large fashion chains are known to have burned and destroyed billions of dollars of unsold deadstock to preserve price integrity and exclusivity.
Even with good intention, charities in Australia send 60,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing donations to landfill every year.

We want to promote timelessness

"After last year’s growth it was hard to predict demand for particular sizes and colourways. This resulted in us forecasting incorrectly. Now we’re in the difficult position of having made too much.” ~ Sam Delgos, Arnhem Production Manager

As a brand committed to sustainable practices and having a minimal impact this is a devastating realisation: we are becoming part of the problem. This tough lesson has powered us to do something even better than before.
A genuinely slow approach to sustainability could just be our fashion revolution.

“We are seriously considering our business model and calling into question our waste. If we move to a model where we make to order we can reduce waste, and reinforce our commitment to creating sustainable treasures that have minimal impact on people and planet. We intend to honour our commitments both to our makers, and our community of small, sustainable boutiques. We will never stop searching for ways to reduce our impact...” ~ Arnhem Bickley, Founder.

We invite you to - go with the slow.


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Join us on our fight for a better future.

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We love that you adore our timeless, sustainable treasures, but there’s a real opportunity for us to cut down on unnecessary waste. By moving to a pre-order model, you have influence over how sustainable our business is.

No over production = less waste = a healthier planet.