Authentically Arnhem

Born into a gypsy lifestyle of colour & beauty

Arnhem had a unique, nomadic childhood, spending her early years travelling around Australia and the world with her family. Never in one place for long, they travelled Australia extensively and lived-in remote parts of Indonesia and the Philippines, cultivating a deep understanding and connection to the Earth that supports us.

From her free-spirit parents; both passionate environmental activists, Arnhem learned the value and sacred importance of protecting Mother Earth. Attending protest marches and rallies, Arnhem became committed to sustainability, minimising her impact and living a zero waste lifestyle.


Young Arnhem at protest

Her childhood memories are colourful and vivid, living off the grid in tipis, bathing in the ocean, cooking by candlelight and attending festivals such as the Rainbow Gathering. Arnhem, from a young age was inspired with a heightened sense of creativity. Her passion for design was evident from the age of four when she began sewing clothes for her dolls. By the age of 18 Arnhem was operating her first business, creating clothes and selling them at local music festivals.


Arnhem's childhood tentA nomadic childhood, Arnhem Bickley founder of Arnhem ClothingA sustainable life, Arnhem Bickley at home.

In 2009, Arnhem launched her fledgling brand at the Byron Bay markets and swiftly grew an online presence, as one of the early brands on Instagram.

These days, happily grounded in Byron Bay with her two beautiful girls and partner, the wilderness and natural beauty of her home and surrounding areas are still a strong influence on her designs.

Creative director Arnhem Bickley

Her style is characterised by distinctive, signature prints of vintage inspired floral and earthy designs, vibrant colours and summer nostalgia. With a beautiful boutique in the heart of Byron Bay and an amazing team of creatives working along-side her; Arnhem is able to share this creativity and passion for sustainability with the world.

Thank you for coming along on our journey.