Creating Heatwaves with Kocha

Thailand based Arnhem Muse, Kocha tells us about life in Bangkok, the importance of family and what trends she's loving right now.
Tell us a little bit about yourself…

 My name is Kocha, I am Thai and my husband is Nigerian. We have 2 sons and have lived in Bangkok for almost 14 years now.

Can you tell us your favourite things about living in Bangkok?

The Food and weather are what I love about living here. It’s so easy to get cheap local food and fresh fruit.


Must eat, see and do when holidaying in Thailand?

Street food at local night markets, tuk-tuk rides and visiting cozy cafes.

How did you find yourself working as a creative in the fashion industry?

I found myself interested in slow-fashion where I could repeatedly wear my favourite clothes and wanted to share my ideas and creativity with my instagram friends. It was important for me to keep the memories of my family and share our lifestyle.


How would you describe your personal dress style?

I am bold, I love wearing soft and comfortable clothes. They make me feel confident.

What are some fashion trends you’re loving at the moment?

Florals are my new favourite, mixing and matching with a plain white oversized linen.


You recently traveled to the beautiful city of Abuja, can you tell us about this experience and your highlights from the trip?

Abuja is a very beautiful and peaceful city. It was our first time there and we loved so many things. I love the roads full of trees. Unique local restaurants, farms, and souvenirs. People are kind and always smiling.