Our Makers: Tayfun & Nihat

Tayfun and Nihat - Denim and Cord


Turkish sustainable denim mill and manufacturer.
Tayfun and his team are actively involved in the protection and preservation of the environment. During the denim manufacturing they capture CO2 and re-use it in the finishing process, preventing around 30,000 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere every year! Responsible dyeing saves 85% of water in comparison to conventional dyeing. As cotton growing and denim production requires a lot of water, innovation in reducing water consumption is essential.
Last audit: 25th February, 2020

What we love about Tayfun and Nihat:
Leaders in pioneering sustainable denim washing and manufacturing processes to dramatically reduce water usage
Responsible dyeing of denim, no harmful chemicals
Develop organic cotton and recycled denim qualities

A specialised Turkish denim supplier and maker - high quality denim styles
Family run business striving for sustainable innovation
Recover and reused up to 50% of water used in laundry and reduced their energy consumption with implementation of eco-friendly sewing machines and lighting

Fave collection:

Fave fabric:
Our denim quality - 99% sustainable cotton, 1% elastane


Tayfun & Nihat are audited annually by BSCI.
Collections Hideaway & Savannah
Tier One Traceability
Factory Owner Tayfun & Nihat
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Auditing Body BSCI
Audit Rate C, Acceptable
Age of Factory 25 years
Youngest Employee 18 years
Gender of Employees 53 male, 98 female
Last audited 25/2/20
Last Arnhem Visit We are yet to visit this factory
Tier 2 Traceability Dye mill Oeko Tex 100 certified
Tier 3 Traceability BCI certified
Tier 4 Traceability BCI certified
Tier 5 Traceability BCI certified

“In order to produce a pair of jeans we use a kilo of cotton that gets transformed into 1.4 meters of denim. To grow this quantity of cotton it may request from 8,500 to 23,000 liters of water. To produce 1.40 meters of fabric we use 90 liters of water and to wash a pair of jeans we need 60 liters of water. We must find ways for saving all this.”
- Tayfun Akbay

The cotton for our collections is sustainably produced by farmers who care for water, soil health & natural habitats. Nihat and his team are the garment manufacturing partner that works closely with the sustainable denim mill. Nihat’s manufacturing company has been established for over 30 years, a family business constantly striving for sustainable innovation. They recover and reuse up to 50% of water used in the laundry and have reduced their energy consumption with the implementation of eco-friendly stitching machines with a reduction of 40% and lighting seeing a further reduction of 25%.