Our Makers: Marty

Marty and Team


What we love about Marty:
Our t-shirt makers began producing knitted fabrics in Melbourne in the early 90s. One of the first certified organic facilities in Australia. Our tees are dyed with low liquid ratio dyeing machines meaning they use as little water possible to dye the fabrics. The factory is fitted with 1450 solar panels and runs predominantly off this captured energy LED and skylights throughout whole facility so in summer the factory runs entires on natural light.

Organic cotton basics

Fave Tee:
Here Comes the Sun Tee

Fave Fabric:
Organic cotton jersey knitted in Melbourne

Interesting fact:
ABMT partners with Endeavour Foundation, an independent, for-purpose organisation supporting people with intellectual disabilities by providing equal access to education and life-skills learning. ABMT provides training and work for Endeavour Foundation employees

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