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Joyce is a new addition to our Arnhem Makers family, and crafts all our stretch garments, from our signature Arnhem Bells to our sustainable lace intimates range, Faith.Their factory is a small, family run unit with strong attention to detail and quality control.

Joyce has Qualspec social compliance in place to ensure ethical and fair working conditions for all employees.

Their last audit was on the 27th November, 2020.

What we love about Joyce: A trailblazer for innovative sustainable fabric developments Joyce worked with us tirelessly to redevelop our much-loved jersey fabric into a soft luxurious Lenzing Ecovero jersey. We also developed our recycled nylon lace with Joyce's mill for our sustainable intimates.

Main strengths: Joyce will take on many of our smaller, more experimental collections when we want to test a new sustainable fabric development.

Fave collection: Our first Sea Shepherd charity tee.

Fave Fabric: Our sustainable recycled nylon lace

Joyce is audited annually by BSCI.
Collections Jersey
Tier One Traceability
Factory Owner Joyce
Location Guangzhou, China
Auditing Body BSCI
Audit Rate C Rating
Age of Factory 7 years
Youngest Employee 26 years
Gender of Employees 20 male, 27 female
Last audited 22/3/22
Last Arnhem Visit October 2019
Tier 2 Traceability We are yet to visit the fabric mill.
Tier 3 Traceability We are yet to visit the yarn milll
Tier 4 Traceability Lenzing certified
Tier 5 Traceability Lenzing certified


Last updated April 2022

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