Garment Care - Tree Fibres

Your treasure is crafted from Lenzing™ certified tree fibres, responsibly sourced from sustainably managed and certified forests, ensuring environmental, social, and economic benefits for both people and planet.


Wear more, wash less: you can air your clothes between wears on a wooden hanger, before storing or folding to maximise the time between washes.

Spot Clean: we recommend only washing garments when necessary by spot cleaning. Treat stains immediately by gently massaging natural detergent into the stain and rinsing with cold water.

Cold Hand Wash: always wash your treasures by hand, using a natural gentle detergent. Add the recommended amount of detergent to cold water allowing it to dissolve before immersing your garment. Soak and gently squeeze the soapy water a few times, taking care not to wring or twist. Rinse with cold clean water using the same method.

Do Not Tumble Dry: dry flat in the shade and not in direct sunlight. Never use a tumble dryer as this will damage the fibres in the fabric.

Light Steam Iron: if your garment shrinks after washing, gently steam or iron to ease garment back into its original shape. For treasures with a crinkle finish avoid the iron and try hanging them in the bathroom while your shower; the steam created is often enough to smooth out any stubborn creases.

By consciously caring for your treasures you not only extend their longevity but also reduce your environmental impact by using less water and energy.


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