Transparency does not equal sustainability, but Transparency + Accountability = Change


Our Commitment

Sustainability is in our brand DNA. Every decision we make from design through to delivery is based on deep connections with community and Mother Earth.

Just like you, our sustainability journey is forever evolving, and change happens when we focus on where we want to reach.

We will challenge and push boundaries to bring you beautiful, vibrant, feminine clothes made with respect for people and planet, because we want you to know…

what you buy makes a difference.




Sustainable Fabrics

2/3 of the harmful climate impacts over the lifetime of a garment comes at the raw materials stage. Sustainability is a thread that runs through everything we create.
Our goal is to work exclusively with sustainable fabrics, so, we source high quality fibers that respect people & planet.


The details are not the details. They make the design.

Once we’ve selected our sustainable fibres it’s onto conscious consideration of all of the trims.

Take a close look and you will see that our collections are plastic free, and this definitely creates a few design challenges. As an example, we avoid plastic zips and instead work with fabric ties, metal clasps, and buttons that are made from coconut or shell. Even our hanger tape and swing ticket ribbons are made from organic cotton, and our care labels are crafted from recycled polyester. Inspired by the patterns and beauty of nature, we move onto the mills for printing and dyeing.



“I’ve always been connected to nature, and I want our children and our children’s children to experience the magic of her beauty.”


It’s important to know who made your clothes & that production is done ethically, so let us introduce you to our talented makers from around the globe.

Meet our Makers

Giving Back

Through giving back to a community of change-makers we create a positive impact and use our voice to inspire others to do the same. Your purchase makes this possible.



From the beginning we are designing for a future without waste, from closing the loop with our Revive collections to compostable packaging, we’re always circling back.


Quarterly Sustainability Reports

We’re committed to ensuring that our environmental impact is as small as possible & that everyone in our supply chain is respected & cared for.
We’re not perfect & are constantly striving for change. With that in mind we work with the HIGG index and other reporting bodies to measure ourselves and publish these results for you quarterly.

Our Quarterly Reports