Would you take the #30Wears challenge?

Get the most out of your wardrobe
Wearing and styling the same item multiple ways gives the garment more longevity and makes it more sustainable. Stass shows us 30 ways to wear our Organic Cotton Joan Cami in Shell
#30Wears is a movement created by EcoAge founder and sustainable fashion pioneer, Livia Firth, yes that's Colin Firth's wife for all you Love Actually Fans, challenging consumers to ask themselves one question before making a purchase: “Will I wear this at least 30 times?”
Tips on how to get the most out of your wardrobe
Pair the old, with the new. Mix in your thrifted faves with your new treasures.
When you're debating a purchase, ask yourself will you wear it 30 times?
Don't be afraid to mix it up, mix patterns and textures. Who said there are fashion rules? 
Layer, layer, layer. Wear a turtleneck under a dress to winterise your look instantly or try a an unbuttoned shirt over a mini dress to make it casual-cool.
Accessories are your best friend, a swap of a heel to a sneaker will change your look entirely.
Sick of something in your wardrobe? Try a DIY hack to make it something fresh.
Cut your dress shorter, or get a maxi turned into a crop top and skirt by taking it to your local tailor.
    "Right now, fashion is cheaper, more accessible and created at a faster pace than ever before in human history. This fuels a few major issues: the demand for quick, inexpensive fashion is an extremely polluting business that many consumers in the western world do not witness. For example, 20 percent of the global fresh groundwater people depend on is polluted from the dying and creation of textiles like cotton and denim. Secondly, the labor force behind the seams of each garment is overwhelmingly women in developing countries who are not paid a fair wage or able to work in safe conditions. This keeps the margins low for the end consumer because the cut of their wages is traded for a cheaper price tag." — Giving Fashion  
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