Taking the tribe to Woodford

The sweetest tribe of four headed to Woodford Folk Festival this year to remind us that festival fun is for big and small people. Radley (dad), equipped with his camera followed around his lover Jes (mum) and their two precious children, Ace & Lux, and captured some amazing memories for their family and photos that will melt the hearts of everyone who sees them. Jes & Lux are both dressed in our Spanish Rose collection and we just loved seeing the amazing colours flow through the magical festival grounds of Woodfordia. Read more about their day from @TheAceLife at the end of the blog post.

Written by Jes from @TheAceLife
Inland on the Sunshine Coast of Australia is a little town called Woodford, where the Woodford Folk Festival is held each year for the week in between Christmas & New Years. That week where you don't know what day it is, what time it is and you momentarily forget you have a job or any other responsibilities. There is no better place to forget those responsibilities then Woodford, getting lost underneath the giant jellyfish, exploring bamboo sculptures and where human butterflies so kindly spray you with water to cool you down.
This was my first year attending Woodford and also the first festival I have taken my babies to. It most definitely didn't disappoint. The children's festival section certainly made parenting easy for the day. When you enter Woodford it is like entering a magical enchanted world that completely comes to life once the sun goes down, the trees light up aqua or lavender and lanterns burn in lake. Puppets as tall as houses walk the streets while sweet music dances out from the stages. There are people practising acro yoga on the grass and a circus tent that is oozing with talent and entertainment.  Stalls selling crystals and offering henna line the little streets and everywhere you turn there are tiny little details or pieces of art that catch your eye.  It has so much more to offer then your average music festival!
The day flew by so quickly and the next morning my little boy asked when we could go back. Which left me thinking one day just isn't enough, next year we may just have to go for the whole week. 
Jes (@theacelife) & Lux wear @Arnhem_Clothing
Ace wears @_ChasingRivers_
Photography @TheRadDadLife