We Stand in Solidarity

As a sustainable fashion business we have always chosen to focus on environmental issues, as well as the wellbeing & rights of people within our supply chain.

Knowing how to correctly navigate social justice issues has been a difficult conversation we needed to have.

We stand for values of integrity, respect, equality, transparency & responsibility.

We choose to listen deeply & educate ourselves so that we can support those targeted by hate & prejudice at home & worldwide.

We recognise the recurrent injustice the black, indigenous and people of colour community are experiencing in the long fight against inequality, racism & violence.

We acknowledge that as a brand we can do more to be an ally & advocate now, and after the outrage ends.
We encourage all of our community to do the same. 

As a team of individuals, we have been educating ourselves on what it really means to be anti-racist.

We want to keep the information flowing, so have shared some of the resources our team have been exploring, including links for donations, below:








We are looking inwards at how we can practically challenge systemic racism.

We are making a commitment to not shy away from uncomfortable discussions.

These are the first steps in a long journey towards sustainable transformation.

We invite our community to join us & ask you to use your voice to help educate us & others.

Please don’t judge people coming into the conversation.

We are what we do, not what we say we’ll do.

Consistent actions demonstrating complete intolerance to racism is required.