Top Tips from our Sustainable Muse Plastic Free Mermaid

To celebrate Plastic Free July 2021 we asked our favourite environmental activist, Kate Nelson aka @plasticfreemermaid to give us her top tips to help us minimise plastics in our day to day lives. Start now & watch our girl Kate tell us easy ways to live Plastic Free 🌎
It’s a wrap! But not plastic wrap!

Plastic Free July came and went in a blink of an eye. But the habits we built are ones we hope will last a lifetime.

Here are 3 Top Tips from our sustainable muse Plastic Free Mermaid...

🌏 Swap plastic produces bags for jars or an Arnhem Produce Bag Set

🌿 Shop at your local farmer’s market & don’t forget to BYO bag
 🥪 Packing a lunch? The Arnhem snack pockets are the perfect alternative to disposable plastic bags.

Keep up the momentum all year long with our plastic free products.