Top 10 Easy Ways To Go Plastic free

10 easy way to be plastic freeHere at Arnhem, we are passionate about mother nature, our world, and all of its inhabitants, and being plastic-free is something we strive towards year-round as a business and as a team! Firstly, we're not perfect; no one is, but when we have the opportunity, we choose sustainable alternatives to single-use products, and we think before we design and consume, which is why we love plastic-free July! 

It's a month that makes us focus a little more on the choices we make every day. It doesn't matter if you're a complete newbie or a plastic-free expert because together, we can all work towards the continued goal of awareness and the commitment to creating a more sustainable future, which is pretty powerful! 

Whether you're just starting out or are super immersed in a zero-waste living, this month is the perfect time to set yourself a challenge to take another step to reduce the use of single-use plastics. With this in mind, we've popped together a list of our top ten easy ways to go plastic-free this July!


10 easy way to be plastic free

1. Collect reusable bags that you LOVE to use!

We are big reusable bag fans at Arnhem and have more than a few in our collection that are both plastic-free and seriously stylish. Take to the farmers market and load up on veggies with our handy Market Bag and Purse Set or head to the beach with your towels, snacks and swimmers packed into our Circulate Tote

10 easy way to be plastic free
2. Break up with cling wrap and DIY Beeswax Wrap instead.

A beautiful alternative to single-use plastic that fills the fridge with your fave Arnehm fabrics and keeps your food fresh! An easy and fun step on the journey towards a plastic-free future!

3. Grow your Own

Grow some food and flowers (because who doesn't want endless fresh blooms and delicious garden goodies all year round!) We've got some beautiful Seeds  to get you in the green thumb frame of mind.

4. No to plastic straws

Say NO to plastic straws and opt for paper or, even better yet, BYO metal straw for those times when thirst hits hard when you're out and about! A great tip is to pop your metal straw in a cloth pouch to keep it clean in your bag until you need it! 

10 easy way to be plastic free
5. Takeaway cutlery

BYO, your own takeaway cutlery set in a chic little pouch! From festivals and travel to Friday night takeaway with the girls, you never know when you might need a plastic-free knife, fork and spoon! Our go-to Kappi Cutlery Pouch is made from Arnhem fabric offcuts, and the cutlery is silky smooth bamboo (there's even a pair of chopsticks!) 

6. Toiletries

Switch to a sustainable toothbrush. Toothbrushes are one of life's necessities. But being committed to your dental hygiene doesn't mean you need to contribute to plastic pollution. By investing in a biodegradable bamboo or wooden toothbrush, you'll be looking after yourself and the planet. 

7. Coffee Cups

Another easy way to go plastic-free is to ditch your morning takeaway coffee cup and invest in a reusable option. From handmade ceramic beauties to glass and metal, keep cups are a plenty and are a super-easy way to make a change for the better!

10 easy way to be plastic free

8. Single-use sanitary items.

Plastic-free period! These days, there are many reusable alternatives to single-use sanitary items. This includes the increasingly popular menstrual cups, reusable pads, and period undies. Our Lunette Menstrual Cup even comes with its very own Arnehm printed fabric purse for easy and pretty storage. 

9. Water bottle

Say no to single-use plastic water bottles and find yourself a forever metal, glass or ceramic water bottle that you can keep at home or on the go. This is another small swap that makes a BIG difference!  

10 Stainless steel pegs

Ditch plastic pegs for a set of stainless steel pegs and hang up those Arnehm faves in the sunshine sans single-use plastic! Lasting forever, stainless steel pegs not only look the goods but are better for the environment and your clothes too. 


Finally, go easy on yourself; shifting habits and mindset is hard to do, and you might slip up from time to time which is normal and okay too!! We're in this together for the greater good of our planet plus, plastic-free living has never looked so good or been easier. We're excited to share our plastic-free July journey with you all and would love you to join in and share your progress with us.