Tips for building your own adventure mobile with @wildroadwanderers

We have been obsessed with @wildroadwanderers for a while now. Their effortless lifestyle, beautiful imagery, and travel destinations are nothing less than lust-worthy. We were so keen to live the van life like Jess, Jed and Banjo  (jealous much) that we had to ask for some tips on how we could build our very own adventure mobiles. 




Hi! Jess Batheran here! These are our top tips from what we have learnt along the way building our adventure mobiles; 

  1. First off, decide what your budget is for your adventure mobile. Figure out what will suit your needs best - whether that be a Van, Bus, Caravan, Troopy or 4wd Truck. Take your time choosing your camper and make sure it's in good mechanical condition. It's always important to check the kilometers, age of the car, tires, brakes, leaks and if it makes any noises.  

  2. Next you'll want to measure everything in your camper: length, width and height. Getting all the measurements right is important when you start your build so your equipment fits in right.

  3. Make a plan - write down things you want to include in your fit out and head to Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration. Once you figure out your priorities, you can start drawing up your dream design, like fitting pieces into a puzzle. Play around with some different options until you are happy with it. If your traveling with kids make sure you make a space to store all the fun stuff! 

  4. Start your build. Keep the materials you use as lightweight as possible ~ it will keep your camper more fuel-efficient and will save you money when filling up. 

  5. Some equipment that's a must is a 12V fridge, a good dual battery system and solar panels to charge your batteries

  6. Buy good quality gear, as it will last much longer, be more durable and will stand the test of time across the wild lands. 

  7. We recommend going to a rubber and foam shop to test out the mattress's and getting some cut to the perfect size that you need.

  8. Get cozy ~ invest in some good linen bedding, put up a few photos and add battery powered fairy lights, makes it feel warm and homely. 

  9. We love natural light in our campers, however sometimes you need to block out light to sleep. Curtains are really handy - make them yourself, it's super easy and fun! Head to a craft store, pick some linen and dust off a sewing machine. 

  10. Sunset showers are a ideal way to end the day. Solar shower bags are incredible - you can find them at your local camp store. 

Enjoy your home on wheels and take the roads less travelled.


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