We wanted to say a huge thank you to our amazing, sustainable partners
who have celebrated the 12 Days of Christmas with us
by generously donating their incredible products & gift vouchers.

We think that these brands will represent your ethics.
If you don’t already know them, these are the brands you need to know.

We've partnered with Greenfleet for our 12 Days of Christmas 2020 Campaign


We’ve been partnered with this not-for-profit since 2016 as a way to off-set our carbon emissions through planting native biodiverse forests within Australia.

If you care about restoring our forests and want to give a gift with a purpose, you can give the gift of climate hope.
Your environmentally friendly gift will help plant native trees and reduce the damage caused by climate change.


Arnhem has partnered with sustainable brand Coconut Bowls for 12 days of Christmas


These #INSTAWORTHY bowls make a beautiful impact in your kitchen and have an incredible environmental impact too.

First up, they save millions of coconut shells from being thrown into landfill each year. They are 100% natural, bio-degradable and compostable making them a plastic free, zero-waste wonder. And for you and your loves coconut bowls are free of BPA, toxins, synthetics, and plastics, making them super safe for humans, the environment and all of the creatures on our planet too.

Hand crafted by artisans we love how every bowl and utensil is unique and has a beautiful story to tell.

Coconut Bowls are a sustainable and ethical brand find out more on the blog at Arnhem

Coconut Bowls strive to have a positive impact on people and planet at every step of their journey. They are a 1% For The Planet member and their business is entirely carbon neutral. Committed to having a positive global impact community building is at the heart of their business. This brand just keeps giving – these are just some of the programs and not-for-profits they’ve supported: Rainforest Alliance, One Tree Planted, The Nature Conservancy, World Animal Protection, World Food Programme, Sea Shepherd… want to know more?


The new organic range by Eco Modern Essentials

We were super excited when Eco Modern Essentials launched their first Certified Organic essential oils range. This certification guarantees that no synthetic chemicals are used: crops are grown using the most ecologically sustainable methods avoiding harmful pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, and the products are GMO free making them environmentally and socially responsible.

One of the challenges we’ve found when shopping for essential oils are the plastic components in the packaging, such as the lids. One of the reasons that we love this brand is that they have a take-back recycling program, and they reward every customer with a $15 voucher for the privilege of doing this! Eco Modern Essentials have partnered with TerraCycle to effectively recycle all ECO. products ensuring none of them end up in landfill – this applies to their entire range. Plus, your goodies arrive in recycled packaging and they plant trees to offset shipping and deliveries.


The Medicinal Mushroom extracts from Life Cykle - partners with Arnhem for the 12 Days of Christmas


We’re all about medicinal mushrooms: taking ancient traditions and wisdom to create tonics that have medicinal properties to support immunity, gut health, hormonal function, the nervous system, and so much more. Life Cykel use the purest, most high-quality, natural food-grade ingredients to nourish your body from inside to out, encouraging natural vitality. Firm believers in mushroom magic, our team are fans of the Chaga Mushroom Liquid Extract that we take in our coffee first thing in the morning; followed by the Cordyceps Mushroom powder before our workouts; and finishing the day with the Reishi Extract that we add to our tea to support restful sleep.


Life Cykel Mushrooms are founded on circular economy principals

Aside from the array of health benefits we LOVE Life Cykel for their commitment to sustainability and circular economy initiatives.

Life Cykel was founded on Circular Economy principals: founders Julian and Ryan began growing gourmet mushrooms in waste coffee grounds. Waste coffee grounds that end up in landfill release large amounts of methane; a greenhouse gas that has 20x the global warming capacity than Carbon Dioxide. So, Julian and Ryan began by collecting waste coffee grounds from local cafes and restaurants, and growing mushrooms on them to sell back to the local community. From here they created urban mushroom farms turning waste into a health solution. And today the team behind Life Cykle use mycelium biotechnology to engineer incredible products for our health, all made in harmony with our planet and mother nature.

Life Cykel are a socially responsible brand too, working with a non-for-profit disability charity, and a fairtrade Indigenous Social Venture Corporation. They’ve also started a super cool Grow & Gift a Tree scheme. Want to know more about this incredible brand?


Jojoba oil products from Arnhem 12 Days of Christmas partners The Jojoba Company


This incredible brand planted their first Jojoba seedlings back in the year 2000 on a farm in Yenda; a town in the Riverina district of New South Wales, Australia. This homegrown oil is a multi-tasking hero packed with antioxidants, omegas and vitamins A, D and E, And the most amazing thing about it, is that Jojoba has the same molecular structure as the natural wax esters in our skin. Moisturising, anti-aging, nourishing and with the ability to enable our skin cells to regenerate, this incredible oil provides transformative results – naturally.


The sustainable farm of the Jojoba Oil Company Australia

We love this family-run brand for their approach to sustainability. The incredible jojoba plant is carbon negative as it actually removes carbon from the atmosphere. The hardy jojoba is also drought tolerant with no pests or diseases, therefore no nasty chemicals are used while the plant grows here in Australia. The farm is managed by Dan who ensures that they adhere to the highest sustainability practices.


Bare Blends product and story on the blog at Arnhem

Bare Blends is a local go-to for the team in our office. We’re known fans of the Adapt Smoothie and the Focus Smoothie as they’re an awesome way to power up after an early workout. And the greatest thing is that you can use these nutritional, raw superfood powder blends at home.

This incredible brand started out in 2010 when Ryan the founder was searching for a clean, natural protein powder. Since then, Bare Blends have continued to grow organically revolutionising the nutritional food supplement market. Their product range now extends from protein and superfood powders, to plant extract capsules, skin and body care, and even medicinal mushroom powders.


Sustainability at Bare Blends Australia on the blog at Arnhem

Apart from offering the most nutritionally superior products, we love Bare Blends for their commitment to sustainability. They know that by committing to organic and wild harvested ingredients, the products they make honour both people and planet. Committing to sustainable farming and harvesting practices ensures that the earth’s soil is regenerated, enabling it to sequester more carbon from the atmosphere, grow the most nutrient dense plants, ultimately restoring healthy equilibrium of the planet and people too.

And that’s not all. For every $1 sold from the Bare & Fair range, Bare Blends remove 5kg of carbon from the atmosphere via a Pachama project.

Eye of Horus organic natural makeup on the blog at Arnhem


Tried and tested – the Arnhem team are huge fans of this award-winning, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, organic makeup brand. We’re obsessed with the Goddess Mascara and Bio Lipsticks – they’re destined to be your new forever favourites.

We’re inspired by the empowering vision of this brand who have created a movement to “Awaken the Goddess Within ® ” Not only do they empower women, but they stand up for Mother Nature too. Their plant-based formulas are ethically sourced, and they minimise their footprint with a focus on recycled packaging that can be on-cycled to support a circular economy.

Makeup with a purpose, Eye of Horus have created a Goddess Giving Program supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Save The Children, Unicef, Australian Red Cross, among other worthy causes.

Treat yourself with kindness.

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