Thanks to you from Sea Shepherd Australia

Our friend Jeff Hansen, Managing Director at Sea Shepherd Australia  gives Arnhem and our customers a huge shout out for our on-going support in helping Sea Shepherd defend, conserve and protect our oceans. Find out what Sea Shepherd have been able to achieve with our continued support...
Sea Shepherd are an international conservation movement founded in 1977. Their mission is to protect marine habitat and ecosystems, preserving biodiversity. They use direct action to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas and marine sanctuaries enforcing conservations laws, battling illegal fishing, habitat destruction and marine debris.

For World Ocean Day 2020 we donated $45,164.50 from the sale of our “Keep the Coral Floral” tee and $18,418 was raised from the "Protect The Locals" tee sales. This donation has helped support Sea Shepherd and their Australian campaigns, including their Marine Debris campaign.

In attempt to stem the tide of plastic pollution in our oceans, Sea Shepherd launched the Marine Debris Campaign in 2016. Since the campaign's inception, they have been keeping a meticulous record of the waste they have collected over the years.

Here is a breakdown of the Marine Debris Campaign achievements for 2020, an amazing contribution despite lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions:

353,661 pieces of debris sorted and counted

1.3 million pieces removed (including microplastics) equating to 16.7 tonnes of rubbish removed from our oceans, (including a one tonne fishing rope) by 3,187 Sea Shepherd volunteers during 97 clean ups, covering a total distance of 697 kilometres of beach.

On average, around three quarters of all the debris collected is made from plastic. We analysed Sea Shepherd’s data sheets from the Marine Debris campaign from 2016 to 2020. Here are the hard numbers:

105,325 x straws, confection sticks, cups, plates, cutlery.
🌏 Replace single use straws and cutlery with reusable Kappi collab cutlery and straws.

309,667 x plastic food packaging (wraps, packets, containers).
🌏 Replace single use food wraps with beeswax wraps.

50,795 x plastic bags
🌏 Replace with Homegrown, Circulate, Jasmine totes.

58,911 x plastic bottles
🌏 Replace with the Phoebe reusable drink bottle
Help support Sea Shepherd by stopping plastic pollution at the source, following this link to shop our Plastic Free July  range. 
Or, take action for the ocean and donate to Sea Shepherd here