Sustainable Travel Tips with @rileys_travels

Sustainable Travel Tips with Rileys Travels and Arnhem Clothing Byron Bay



Fit all your favourite clothing into packing cubes or re-use draw string bags and roll your clothes.
Packing cubes are amazing and why I love them is it keeps everything orderly.
I like to pull the bags I need for the stay out of my suitcase when we arrive at our hotel or Airbnb and then pop the case out of the way.
They are great for Van life too.


I carry a stainless steel water bottle and find it very easy to refill.
We always are trying to be conscious of plastic so I carry a little bag with wooden cutlery sets and metal straws in case we get any food on the go.
I carry a lunch box which is handy for the kiddies and I use beeswax wraps for sandwiches or to take away any leftovers.
You can always spot us at breakfast because we’re the family with a jar of Vegemite which I always bring from home.
How to travel more sustainably with Arnhem clothing
We like to ask locals or restaurant staff there favourite spots.
We’ve found some amazing places that we would have otherwise missed from doing this.
We also use google maps to try and find our own off the beaten track beaches as much as we can.

For parents of toddlers or just clumsy eaters carry a bar of laundry soap to save your garments from ruin on the spot.
My big Arnhem drawstring bag has been re-used this whole trip for our laundry run.



Sustainable travel tips with Arnhem Ethical Clothing


We love to have moments to ourselves, especially if going to an attraction so waking up early to watch the sunrise and getting the day started before the crowds is a big one for us.

Sunset is our absolute favourite time of day!
We will always research sunset spots and very rarely go a day when travelling without going to watch it.
We find it a great way to reflect and appreciate the day we’ve just had.



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