Serendipity Intimates & Bells - Vibrant Awakenings

Are you ready to fall in love with our Serendipity Bells & Intimates 🌹


The New Sustainable Intimates Collection from Arnhem Clothing Byron Bay


Something surreal happens when you put on our Serendipity Bells and Intimates.
A seductive feminine power overtakes. You feel playful, irresistible, mysterious.
Like a lover or your favourite song, these gorgeous intimates awaken hearts and quicken pulses.


Roses and vines entwine on our Bella Rosa print, creating a sense of aliveness and romance.
The two colour pallets are vibrant and playful, bringing out the same in you.
A captivating blend of feminine and nostalgic, this print will have you channeling your most sensual and alluring self.


Our Serendipity intimates and bells are created from 90% Viscose by Lenzing AG, 10% Elastane. 
Viscose by Lenzing AG is steps lightly on the earth 🌏
It’s produced from sustainably and responsibly sourced renewable raw wood pulp.
Any waste associated with its production is recycled or resold, meaning the fabric is the ultimate in low-impact beauty 🌱


These stunning pieces are a sensory experience, being incredibly soft to the touch and arousing to the gaze.
The fit of Serendipity is wildly flattering, with just the right amount of structure and stretch.
Our Serendipity intimates are the essence of versatile - interpret as under or outer wear as mood/event dictates.
Feel sensual and feminine lounging around home in the bra and knickers, absorbed in your favourite book.
Or pair the crop with our Serendipity bells for a head-turning festival look.


Inspirers of self-love, undeniable physical connections and a certain wildness -
our Serendipity Intimates and Bells are here to amplify your vibrancy ✨