Meet Tahnee – It’s In Our Hands Tee Artist

We’re excited to bring you another interview in our meet the makers series.
Let us introduce you to the talented artist behind our Arnhem X Rainforest Rescue ‘It’s In Our Hands’ Charity Tee, Tahnee Kelland.

Tahnee is a painter and muralist from WA. We instantly fell for her timeless, dreamy creations in contemporary tones that channel something otherworldly through contoured lines and fluid movement, expressing a deep connection to the feminine divine. So we were delight when Tahnee said yes to collaborating with this on this charity project.
Below we talk about Tahnee’s inspiration, life as a new mum, and find out what she’s manifesting in 2021…

Arnhem talks to Tahnee Kelland the artist behind the Arnhem X Rainforest Rescue Charity tee
Tahnee, please introduce yourself…
I’m an artist, a cat loving , curry obsessed (madras only) new mum from WA.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
I’m drawn to the muted colour pallet, the aged imperfect look of dreamy tropical landscape scenes. I like to create a sense of calm in my work offering the viewer a place to escape to.

Where do you look for inspiration?
My own life and experiences usually dictate the work I produce, it’s an ever-evolving process depending on what I’m going through at the time. My last collection of work came about from a real appreciation for I gained for my body during pregnancy. I’m still processing exactly how much it did for me so I’m sure there will be more work on this to come.

Tell us about the story behind the artwork you created for our ‘It’s In Our Hands’ charity tee.
The artworks meaning for the tee has evolved and tweaked slightly from the original piece (the end is just the beginning). ‘ It’s in our hands’ is a reminder to us all not to sit back and wait for a solution to climate change and the environmental challenges we are currently facing. It’s up to all of us to do what we can now before it’s too late.

Arnhem X Rainforest Rescue It's In Our Hands Charity Tee Artist Story
When did your passion for painting and creating murals begin and how has it evolved?
I’ve been passionate about painting and creating in general since I can remember. It’s a human need to create and for me it’s so important to express myself through creativity regularly. My soul craves it and doesn’t know life without it.

Who are the creatives that you’re currently admiring?
I’m so sleep deprived and out of the loop with the outside world this question leaves my mind completely blank sorry. The only creatives that come to mind are mothers. The ultimate selfless creatives, I’ve never admired them more than now.

What are your most cherished daily rituals?
A coffee in bed!

What’s your definition of beauty?
Compassion, understanding, self-awareness and empathy.

I’m currently obsessed with…
My 2 month old son Remi and watching my husband become the most beautiful father to him.

This year I’m manifesting…

Arnhem X Rainforest Rescue It's In Our Hands Charity Tee
If you love Tahnee's art head on over to her online store and indulge in her prints here.
You can also get your daily dose of inspiration by following Tahnee on Instagram @tahnee_kelland 
p.s. We still have a handful of Arnhem x Rainforest Rescue 'It's In Our Hands' Charity Tees left to shop. For every tee purchased we will be planting two trees in the Daintree through our partnership with Rainforest Rescue. You can find out more about this incredible project on the blog here. Or, if you're ready to get planting 🌳🌳 SHOP YOUR TEE NOW!