Meet Jules - Our Haven Print Designer

We’re excited to be back launching our second Made in Australia collection, Haven. As part of our commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion, it’s paramount that we hold dear those relationships built with like-minded people. So, when we thought about which beautiful creative we wanted to work with on our new Made in Australia print Wander, we knew exactly who this was… Jules Gonski.

Jules was the talented print designer behind our first Made in Australia collection, Beneath Our Sun, that launched in March 2021. As part of our Meet The Makers series we catch up with Jules below about what’s happened over the past 12 months since we last chatted on the journal…


Meet Jules Gonski the print designer behind Wander from Arnhem's Made in Australia collection


 Jules, welcome back! What’s happened since we last spoke?
Hello! A lot of prints, coffees, sunset walks, ocean swims and spending time with my loved ones pretty much sums up this last year of mine! I also became an Aunty since we last spoke (a bit exciting) and it’s summertime which makes me so so happy.

For those who have yet to meet you, what are three words you would use to describe yourself?
Creative, cuddly and friendly!

What was the inspiration behind our new Made in Australia print, Wander? 
Wander is inspired by Indian block prints, it has a bohemian feel to it - one of my all time favourite vibes to create.

Meet The Maker Jules Gonski print designer of Arnhem's Made in Australia collectionMeet The Maker Jules Gonski print designer of Arnhem's responsible Made in Australia collectionMeet Jules Gonski the print designer of Wander from Arnhem's ethical Made in Australia fashion collection


Our new collection Haven is a beautiful curation of ethically and locally made timeless treasures, marking our continued commitment to localization. As part of this journey, what does consuming responsibly mean to you?
For me, It’s the little things that make such a difference and ultimately brings more joy. From using your own coffee cup, to buying groceries from your nearest farmer’s markets, to supporting small businesses that are creating locally sourced or made products. Working in the fashion industry I definitely see the over excess and environmental impact it has, which can be quite confronting. It means so much to me when I can align with like minded brands who are aware of their footprint. I think this Made in Australia capsule is beyond amazing and I hope it inspires other labels to do the same.

You lost your full-time job to COVID; on reflection, what experience would you like to share?
I guess to just keep on going! In hindsight losing my full time job was the biggest blessing, I am so content and proud of where I am with my career today. I am literally working my dream job and I never would have made it here without being thrown so suddenly into the 'deep end'.

Something I truly believe in is…
Everything happens for a reason.

My secret talent is…
Oooft... I can play the piano!?

I won’t compromise on…
Wow, this is such a tricky one... the first thing that popped into my head was ice cream, haha.

What is one song or artist that will always get you up and dancing and why?
Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, I love a good swaying kind of sing a long boogie!

What are you looking forward to in 2022?
I’m looking forward to a few local getaways here and there, to finding more of a work/life balance and to a bit more normality in the world. It’s also the year of 30ths in my friendship groups so I’m super excited to celebrate with everyone.

Meet the print designer of Wander from Arnhem's second Made in Australia collection 


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And for your daily dose of creative inspiration follow Jules on Instagram @__by.jules

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