Meet Freya Haley

Our muse Freya Haley is a whirlwind of big smiles and beautiful feminine energy. She’s a creative, self-love advocate and trauma survivor who has risen to support others. Join us while we hang out and learn about this inspiring natural beauty. Get to know Freya as we we talk art, dance and creative inspirations. And learn about how Freya survived childhood sexual trauma to create The Love Club that empowers women with self-love tools to overcome self-esteem issues and become connected to ones true self.

Freya wears the Arnhem Audrey Midi Dress in CinnamonFreya, please introduce yourself…

I’m a dancer, artist, yoga teacher and self love advocate from WA, currently living on Bundjalung country!

What does a typical day look like for you?
My days are all totally different. Most of the time, they are filled with morning walks, some stretching or dance then I move into whatever activities I’ve got on for the day. Weekdays, I work from home and I try to throw a bit of nature time in there when I get the chance. I’ll do emails, course maintenance, meetings, podcasts, interviews, create videos, edit footage, go on shoots, paint and more! In the evenings I love to spend time with friends watching the sunset, making dinners or dancing on the beach if I didn’t get my daily boog in already!

Freya wears the Amberley Blouse and Hideaway Jeans from Arnhem
What is your defining passion in life?
Joy! Facilitating, bringing and embodying more joy. Bringing joy to others. This can look like empowerment, self love and having fun!

As an artist where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration through everything! My primary inspiration has always been the interconnectedness between women and nature. I love it. Most of my paintings feature women or female forms in nature. Ladies with owls on their shoulders, ladies with flowers growing out of them or vines in their spines. I think intrinsically we are all linked to nature so I definitely find my greatest inspiration from the connection I feel and receive from the earth.

Freya wears the Amberley Midi Skirt and Arnhem X rainforest Rescue charity tee

Tell us about the journey that led you to creating The Love Club…
Wow! The journey started with my own journey of self love, which is a long story lol. When I was in my teenage years I struggled with deep self worth issues due to childhood sexual trauma, it was a huge journey for me to go on finding not only empowerment in my body but feeling like I am worthy of existing. The Love Club was seeded during a meditation I did about finding your purpose. The meditation asked us to feel into what our younger selves needed the most. The answer came through so clearly to me that I started crying tears of pure joy. At that moment I felt so connected to little freya and really wanted to figure out a way to bring all of my self love tools that I’ve picked up along the way into a place where others can access them and grow. 9 months later, The Love Club was born!

Freya wears the Amberley Blouse and Hideaway Denim with our new Circular Tote
How has social media influenced your journey of becoming more vulnerable?
I Loooooove this question! I started social media back when I was not secure about myself. Honestly, I used it as a platform for validation. I was often seeking approval and likes. Overtime, I realised the version of myself I was putting out never truly felt 100% authentic. I never felt seen. I realised that I wanted to use the platform to be true to my heart. I didn’t have much of that in my life growing up so in a way social media became my outlet where I felt safe to fully express myself. I wrote long captions straight from the heart and shared the things that were true for me. Over time this evolved into a consistent way of sharing. I now use my platforms as a way to share about my experience being a “human” ie- going through mental health struggles, sharing my body in all its forms, my moments of joy, sorrow, growth and pain. I think social media has been huge in facilitating my journey to vulnerability and I think it all started when I shared on Youtube about my assault and struggles with self worth.

We talk to Freya Haley on the Arnhem blog about self love and self acceptance

What is the most beautiful part of the online community you’ve created?
So much! I think the most beautiful part is the safety I have both facilitated and that everyone has brought to the platform. I am so lucky to have such kind and vulnerable people within my online community.

Everytime there is someone who feels down in the comments, I always see others building them up. There have also been occasions where I’ve been crying in public and people that follow me have come and helped me out, which is so amazing to have.

I think the pure kindness of everyone on there has been my favourite thing to witness. I think I’ve been very lucky to have a very special and almost secret container in which only like minded people are a part of, I feel it’s very rare on social media nowadays. Sometimes it feels like there’s an imaginary security guard keeping trolls or creepy people off my platform and letting in lots of fairies, haha!

Freya wears the Lucia Blouse in Desert Rose at Arnhem Artisan style

Who are the muses in your life?
My friends endlessly inspire me. I’m surrounded by amazing strong women who all run their businesses, mother or live a life that is truly authentic to them. My mum is also a huge inspiration for me, she’s just started a non for profit for athletes over 50 and shows me that you can be a boss at any stage of life.

What are your most cherished daily rituals?
My morning walks are my favourite. I do a meditative walk where I ground down and connect with nature. I love hearing the sounds of insects and the breeze and trees. I feel so much more myself and calmer after it.

Freya wears the Faith Sustainable lace intimates with the Delilah Cardigan
To me, caring for Mother Earth means…
Everything! It means caring by not only being a conscious consumer, but also being integral and caring for yourself and others. I think we are all linked to nature, so to me it makes sense that when we care for our authentic selves, a deep love and care for the earth follows suit. It also means connecting with earth and being with the land as much as possible and honouring all those who came before you.

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Find out more about The Love Club here. 


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