We had been following Cami's adventures for some time now and we couldn't wait to get to know her! With such natural beauty inside and out she was a perfect fit for Arnhem. And just when we thought she couldn't be any sweeter, we find out that she makes handmade chocolates! Read below to get to know more about Cami & see the effortless magic created from an afternoon at the beach... 


What do you do in Byron Bay? 
Many things! For a long time I craved to just have one path in life. One passion that could satisfy me creatively & provide simple happiness, but that was not to be the case.. and Byron Bay has encouraged that haha. So many doors and opportunities have opened up for me since I moved here. I am lucky to be surrounded by a beautiful and supportive community in the Northern Rivers that allow me to continue the exploration and expansion of myself. In many forms I am an artist, as we all are. I act, teach yoga, make raw chocolate, play dress ups, and sometimes you will find me selling veggies at the farmer’s markets <3 @Bohempia x

What made you start Caravan Cacao? 
I have always had a love for good, dark chocolate. It was actually what brought on my birth.. but that story might be for another time ;) I would say joy is how Caravan Cacao was created.. A beautiful friend and local woman Abigail, of Model Chocolate, sent me her book a few years ago and having already played with superfoods from a young age, I was beside myself with sheer delight to discover the magical health benefits of Raw Cacao. It flowed from there, as I devoured every morsel of this beautiful book. Learning the labour of love and experimenting with my dream flavours & concoctions, I began to convert all those around me. The inspiration has come from everywhere, the people, places and stories of my travels, the sun, the moon, the spirals and perfect synchronicities of this life, and my brother Torii, forever. Cacao brings me joy and I want to share the good stuff around.
You can follow these adventures at @CaravanCacao x

What made you become a yoga teacher? 
Wooosh, ok. I don’t think I’ve asked myself this question before. I chose to do my training in Bali 2 years ago as an exploration and strengthening of the mind, heart and my connection to Spirit. Being in the darkest moment of my life, something or someone guided me to the energetic and spiritual mecca of Ubud. It was a very intense experience to say the least. My mama did baby yoga with me and as an extension of dance, I have practiced my whole life, around the world, meeting some very special people who have encouraged me on my yogic journey.. Last year whilst wwoofing (WillingWorkersOnOrganicFarms!) in NZ, I offered a community yoga class to my new friends in Raglan, and I was filled with so much joy and freedom for the ability to share this practice. It Flows Om. I’m just getting started but hey, follow me @flOmyoga x

What's your ideal day in Byron Bay? 

Waking early with my love, yoga flow followed by a fun surf at The Pass or Wategos, then rewarding ourselves with a yummy café breaky or homemade with local produce. On days off we explore this beautiful land. Waterfalls, hidden beaches or being creative at home is also lush. Then run to find the sunset and dream about reality.

You're beauty is quite exotic, where are you from and what is your heritage?

Oh, thank you! I’m a spicy mixed love child and my parents are still dating ;) I was born in Paddington, Sydney. Like water for chocolate.. My Faja was born in the South of France, close to the border of Spain. My Grandmaman was born in Verona (Italy) and my Grandpere, in Venezia, mixed with some Corsican and Argentinian blood.. As for my Mama, she was born in Mudgee, NSW and grew up in England, travelling in a kombi around Europe, where she swears she saw my young dad sitting on a farm fence in France.. true romance! My Mimi is Australian/Irish with Aboriginal ancestory from the Kamilaroi tribe and the Black Irish of the Spanish Moors. And my Papa was English/Aussie and in the family line of the first Flying Doctors. I am very proud of my roots as you can tell and I want to delve even deeper!

And now for some short, sharp questions about your Byron favourites.... 

Favourite Cafe? Living in the Hinterland, I love Doma in Federal but the food and good vibes at The Roadhouse never fail <3 you guys xx

Favourite Byron Adventure? Waterhole plunging at Key’s Bridge and bush bashing to the river at Brunswick

Favourite Market? Saturday Bangalow Markets and New Brighton Farmer’s Markets!

Favourite Road Trip Song? I can't narrow down to one so here is a mini playlist haha - 1er Gaou by Magic System, Lebanese Blonde by Thievery Corporation, Ride Wit Me by Nelly and Take Me by RÜFÜS !

Favourite place for a drink and a dance? Jilly wine at the Roadhouse and the drum circle at Main Beach for a Full Moon Rise boogie <3
OUR MUSE CAMI @Bohempia // @CaravanCacao // @flOmyoga 
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