In Conversation: Nat Talks Plastics & Hormones.

For Plastic Free July 2021 we invited our friend Natalie Kringoudis to talk to us about plastics and women's health.

Plastics contain chemicals such as BPAs and phthalates that are absorbed through the skin. These chemicals have been found in skincare, makeup, and products that we use every day. They are known to have endocrine-disrupting effects mimicking estrogen action. There are also scientific links that show the impact of ingesting these chemicals through the skin resulting in cancer, reproductive, immune, and nervous system issues.

In this video Nat guides us through the impact of plastics on our skin, menstrual cycles, right through to menopause, and helps us to understand how plastics impacts our hormones, the long-term effects on the body, and how we can minimise and reverse the impact.
Happy viewing. 
Nat is a health care practitioner and natural fertility expert, for your daily dose of health inspiration follow Nat on Instagram @natkringoudis or read her blog
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