Honouring All Women – Mothers Day 2020

We recognise mothers as those who are loving, patient, dedicated, accountable, determined, positive,
compassionate, loyal, trustworthy, gifted communicators, inspirational, considerate, adaptable, giving – the list goes on.

But Mother’s Day is not only about honouring mothers.
For us it's about celebrating those women who have shaped our lives and those who have supported us in times of need.
It's about cherishing those who have selflessly nurtured the souls of others.

Today is a day to recognise the pain of those who long to become mothers.
And the heartache of those who have lost a mother, or have lost a child.
And it's time to be mindful of those among us with an absence of a mother figure in their lives.

Today we also take time to reflect upon our love for a mother who plays a vital role in all of our lives – Mother Earth.

With this in mind it goes without saying that we should honour the mother figures in our lives every day for their fortitude and remarkable capabilities.

Today we talk to & celebrate some of the remarkable women who have supported our business throughout the ages, asking them:



Talking to mother & entrepreneur Arnhem Bickley founder of Arnhem clothing
Creative Director & Founder of Arnhem.

Nothing can prepare you for Motherhood. It is hectic, crazy and wonderful.
Motherhood is beauty, colour and wonder all at once. Motherhood is the deepest love, caring for someone more than yourself.

Motherhood is a journey. My own mother taught me about respect for the earth, living my early years in tipis travelling around Australia. I am so lucky to share a similar journey with two daughters of my own. I love to foster their creativity and watch them grow. Nurture their bodies and feed their minds. I am passionate about their education, both in school and in life. I take them to protests, I let them live wild and free, with laughter and tears, and a lot of outdoor adventures.

My girls inspire me in all aspects of my life. They drive my creativity and put things in perspective. They help me to balance my desire for professional success and a healthy lifestyle full of warmth and family. I relish slow days, gardening and cooking with them. Watching their creativity flourish can be draining and challenging, but more than anything it is a gift.

Motherhood is patience and tolerance you never knew you possessed. It is living in the moment while planning for a future that will live beyond my years. Becoming a mum strengthened my commitment to sustainability and zero waste as they say ~ ‘We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.’

Jessie wears the Arnhem Leilani Sundress and her daughter wears the Leilani Littles Dress


Jessie ~ Digital Creator
To me being a mother means to love and be loved in return.

Kirianna of @rileystravels wearing Arnhem sustainable fashion for women and children


Kirianna ~ Travel & Lifestyle Influencer

Gosh it’s hard to describe- it’s like watching my heart walking around.

Motherhood has no bounds it’s this wild ride of pure love, devotion and unexplainable joy.
No matter who you are it is never smooth sailing, with an endless amount of love for these little people who need you to guide them through this big world. Becoming mama is a complete privilege I feel so incredibly lucky to share my love and life with my children. They grow up so fast so while there young we want to cherish every minute together doing things we feel is important and enjoy. This is why we travel a lot together and explore this beautiful world as a little family.

Katie – Mumma of 3 & General Manager at Arnhem

From the breath-taking, exhilarating moment, seeing two lines on a stick that first indicated I was to become a mother: motherhood for me meant caring about something more than life itself. The realisation that I need to be grounded, present, nurturing, patient and alive.

Giving birth gave me the feeling that a piece of my heart will forever exist outside of my body. A terrifying and empowering experience. How to care and protect for this thing that is now a tiny being all unto its own. (Three times over and it never once lost its shine) Motherhood came with a newfound respect and adoration for my own mother, and all of the other mothers before me. All at once the most magical and mundane thing there ever was.

Motherhood means choosing my battles, sleepless nights, endless cuddles, insane vulnerability and strength, overwhelming exhaustion and happiness all the while finding such fulfillment and a sincere hope that I’m able to appreciate the extraordinary journey that I have been blessed enough to enjoy (endure?). Though it is maddening and even terrifying at times, it is also glorious and beautiful; and the most absurd part is that I wouldn't change any of it.
Motherhood is reading stories, singing songs, being gentle and swearing under your breath at least 400 times per day.
Motherhood is endless laundry and snacks and negotiations.
Motherhood is knowing that your arms are the safest place in the world to be.
I am proud and grateful to be a mum.


Pregnant health and wellness influencer Sam wearing Arnhem sustainable clothing


Sam - Mother of 2, mum to be & health & wellness influencer.

Motherhood to me is that unconditional love, the kind of love that can’t be described, only felt. I would do absolutely anything for my babies and their happiness means everything to me. Motherhood means patience, selflessness and making sure they know they are always safe. It’s the best job in the world ✨


Sustainable mumma and mini matching clothing from Arnhem Byron Bay

Ally ~ Mumma of 4 

I always wanted to be a mother, it was never something I questioned or hesitated on. Motherhood to me was always the chance to create my own family, to love unconditionally and be loved in return. It’s given me so much more than love though.

My children make me happier than I’ve ever been in my life, they allow me to learn and grow every day. Nothing lights up my soul more than seeing them accomplish new things, seeing them laugh hysterically and dance around a room. Motherhood can be hard, stressful, lonely, worrisome and almost never goes to plan.

I don’t think I could even list all of the things that didn’t happen the way I predicted haha.
In all the mess though at the end of the day when we finally get to pause the absolute love is what’s always there, and it’s a love that nothing on this planet compares to.

Matching mummy and me clothes as seen on Candy of the tanna__tribe


Candice – Mother & Content Creator

Motherhood to me is like bringing home from the beach one single grain of sand among the trillions and trillions, yet somehow knocking deeply that THIS grain of sand YOUR grain of sand was meant to be just for you.

With such a huge responsibility, motherhood is the daily chance to be your best self. For the days we don’t feel so confident, it’s being ok with vulnerability and not being perfect.

Motherhood is forever changing as the kids grow up, I’m learning to love differently as I continue on this incredible journey.

But most importantly it’s all about LOVE in its truest and most purest form. X

Sustainable matching clothes for women children and men as seen on  @amandaburrey


Amanda – Mum of 5

Motherhood is truly a remarkable gift and a privilege that I hold very close to my heart.
To me, being a mother is being a protector.
It is to be selfless, and to often sacrifice my own wants and needs for the wants and needs of my children. It is constantly working hard to make sure my children are equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to make them competent humans, even when I am constantly questioning myself.

I never knew I could be so fearless, not just to birth 5 children naturally but to raise them as the awesome little humans they are becoming.

Fleetwood the new Arnhem print for women and little girls of all ages


Dimity - Mother of two & Creative Crafter


Motherhood is a feeling like no other ....it is rewarding, challenging, messy and unbelievably beautiful. It is the greatest blessing in life!!!Motherhood is learning about strengths you didn’t even know you had, and dealing with fears you never knew existed. It is unselfish, it is raw! Motherhood is seeing the world again through your children’s eyes. And discovering the beauty in everything! Becoming a mother just puts everything into perspective and everything else just disappears. Motherhood expands your heart and fills it with more love then you have ever felt...it is unconditional and everlasting love! Motherhood is all the big milestones, the million little moments and everything in between.
Motherhood is powerful and magic...it is a love that endures it all!


Matching mumma & bub outfits from Arnhem clothing Byron Bay


Marie - Student Nurse & mother of two.


The sweetest kisses, the forgiveness of my short comings, putting the babies to bed only to wake up with them cuddled up to you in the morning.
For me, it's the every day sitting on the counter top, chocolatey grin, moments that I couldn't be without.