Healthy Sustainable Living – PFJ 2020

To celebrate Plastic Free July we came together with some of our favourite sustainable companies to share a mindful morning discussing how we each live in a healthy and sustainable way. We treasure our community and find inspiration through storytelling. Challenging ideas, sharing values, learning from each others experiences and finding connection is an effective way to create change. As a progressive community who care about the future of the planet we advocate thinking globally and acting locally to tackle the most complex challenges facing our world today.


Sustainable Byron brands come together to celebrate Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July challenges people to refuse to accept single-use plastics in their life. And most people use this month to take an extra step on their journey towards minimal waste living.

As we all know, plastics take thousands of years to decompose in landfill, with landfill being a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. However, the process of creating plastic involves fracking, which pollutes water, soil and air with toxins. Fracking is known to destabilising the earth, which has led to earthquakes even in areas where earthquakes are uncommon. Fossil fuels are taken from the earth to manufacture single use plastics. When these non-renewable fuels are burned, they release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, making them a primary contributor to climate change. It’s undeniable - plastic is bad for the planet.

But what about living souls who inhabit the earth?

Once discarded plastics pollute our land and waterways. Plastics find their way into our oceans causing threat to marine species, seabirds and other animals. It's considered that 80% of marine waste is made up of plastic litter. Plastics contribute to ocean acidification. Not only this, but the disruption to the ocean's ecosystem jeopardises its natural ability to filter carbon dioxide, exacerbating global warming. As plastics continue to break down into microplastics in the ocean they find their way into our food chain.

Whilst the extent to which microplastics affect human health it is still unknown, a study has found that immune cells die three times faster when exposed to microplastics. Different types of plastic have varying toxic properties. There is evidence that supports how the use of certain chemicals in the creation of plastic disrupts our endocrine system, with other chemicals used in the process being cited as known carcinogens.

In knowing that plastic presents a threat to the future health of our planet and its inhabitants – why would we choose to use it?

The truth is that there is a need for large-scale systemic changes at international level to tackle these environmental and social concerns. Global solutions are required to reduce consumption, decarbonise economies and move beyond historical materialism.

It’s the perfect opportunity to think globally and act locally. By focusing on what you can do, small acts will slowly add up to the global change we all want to see.


The Esmee Midi Dress and Sundress from Arnhem Sustainable Clothing featuring Coconut Bowls

This week we joined together with Mindful Foods, Coconut Bowls, Byron Bay School of Clay and The Sunkissed Kitchen to share our sustainability journeys. We focused on the changes that we’ve made as individuals and as brands to make more eco-friendly, mindful lifestyle choices and tread lightly upon this earth in the pursuit of tackling climate change.

The Byron Bay School of Clay was the perfect location for this mindfulness morning. Todd brought us as a community right into the present moment with the sense of calm and clarity that comes from focusing on clay. Connecting with the earth and letting go in the process of creation allowed us to move with intent into conversation.


Todd from The Byron Bay School of Clay with Teigan of Arnhem Teigan and Sarah from Arnhem wearing Esmee the new print from Golden Hour Sarah from Coconut Bowls with Todd from the Byron Bay School of ClayGeorgie of Mindful Foods wears Arnhem sustainable clothing

We listened to the story of Coconut Bowls, inspired by the opportunity to reduce single use plastics, source sustainable coconut shells and provide jobs for local artisans and farmers. By replacing plastics with natural, sustainable, ethical products Coconut Bowls inspire a healthy and sustainable life. And there’s more than bowls – there’s utensils, cups and candles too.

Taking a holistic approach to wellness and sustainability we turned to our inner health. Mindful Foods connected us to their intention to produce wholesome foods that not only nourish our bodies, but that restore the land through the alignment with like-minded sustainable growers. Their ingredients are derived from organic growers to ensure the highest levels of nutrition and sustainable farming practices. And it goes without saying, all of their incredible products come in sustainable, plastic-free packaging. With a focus on activated ingredients and health promoting, delicious herbs and spices, we were treated to an incredible breakfast of chia and quinoa puddings topped with a rainbow of fruit and edible flowers; incredible hot chocolate laced with medicinal mushrooms; buckwheat date loaf and smoothies infused with star dust, amongst many other delightful things.

We feel in love with the Star Dust Blue Immunity Powder. Particularly following COVID19 and the thought of microplastics causing our immune cells to die, this blue powder contains Phycocyanin, the primary active ingredient in spirulina shown to be a powerful immune booster, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory.

Earth angle Ami of @the_sunkissed_kitchen shared her talent and passion for honouring produce taken from the land by styling the Mindful Foods and Coconut Bowls in a way that sated our bodies and minds.


Mindful Foods in Coconut Bowls while we're wearing Arnhem Mindful eating for Plastic Free July with Arnhem and Mindful Foods Hot chocolate with medicinal mushrooms with Arnhem Byron Bay Healthy sustainable living with Arnhem Coconut Bowls and Mindful FoodsHealthy treats with Mindful Foods and Arnhem Byron Bay Immunity boosting with Mindful Foods and Arnhem Byron Bay Immune boosting powders from Mindful Foods on the blog at Arnhem


Over the next week on the blog we will be sharing our conversation with each of these inspiring businesses who are committed to a plastic-free, sustainable journey. Expect to find incredible recipes, music for the soul and insights into how these encouraging people are navigating their journeys towards a sustainable future.

Just remember to be persistent and don't pressure yourself with the notion of perfection on your path towards healthy, sustainable living.
Let's celebrate all of the small wins this Plastic Free July! 
Arnhem xx