Giving Back - Clean Water 4 Artisans Project

We are beyond excited to see our block-printed Lucia story return.
Over eighteen months in the making, this limited-edition collection saw us circle back to the Indian state of Rajasthan to continue our beautiful relationship with our skilled makers.

We launched our original collection over a year ago and fell in love with the ancient art of block printing that’s passed down through generations. As we spent more time with our makers learning about their culture and heritage, we also became increasingly aware of the severe water crisis impacting their state.
Water scarcity is the most critical issue facing agriculture in the state of Rajasthan. Not only this, but there are diminishing drinking water sources because the quality of surface and ground water are in a severe state of degradation. Population growth, urbanisation and industrial processes have resulted in a man-made crisis that’s then further exacerbated by climate change.

So, when we discovered that our family of makers were responding to the crisis with a project that will create real, lasting change – we had to get involved!

From the sale of our Lucia collection, we are donating
10% of Profits to the
Clean Water For Artisans Project.

Our makers family in Rajasthan have a strong ethos and vision for human and environmental sustainability. They take an integrated approach to people, planet and design. Fair Trade certified, they offer stability and security in a supportive and respectful environment, and collaborate with artisan textile producers that operate as social enterprises. When you purchase one of our block printed treasures you are investing in the empowerment of communities, and supporting the preservation of heritage crafts and traditions.

Lucia is crafted from organic cotton fibres and then printed by hand with intention, a process that is mindful and slow. To find out more about Lucia’s beautiful story from concept to creation you can read more HERE.

Rajasthan is a desert state where water is precious and scarce. As block printing requires a lot of water to rinse the dyes, our makers have designed and implemented an innovative water filtration and rainwater catchment system.
The ETP (effluent treatment plant) removes dye residue, so that our makers can recycle the wash water and reuse it for fabric washing; a circular system that minimises waste. Combined with the rain water catchment system, our makes are on track to reduce their water consumption by 80%.

For those of you who like to geek out on the details, this is how ETP system works:
> A filter removes loose fibres and threads from the wash water.
> The PH of the water is then equalised by using sodium bicarbonate, which has a minimal environmental impact, and is an affordable option, also being a readily available alkalinizing agent.
> Next a cool chemistry process called flocculation is used to draw dyestuff out of the water. A naturally occurring alum compound called fitkari is used. This binds dyestuff molecules together making them heavy. These bonded molecules sink to the bottom of the water tank, making them easy to filter out of the water.
> Now that the water is almost clean, it’s filtered for one last time through a gravel, sand, charcoal filter.

Our donation will go towards the expansion of the existing system; larger filtration and rainwater catchment tanks, an improved pump and biological filtration that will help to oxygenate the water naturally. This will improve efficiency and improve the health of people and planet. The vision is to eventually implement home size filtration systems for artisans in the wider community and provide the necessary education to ensure these beneficial systems can be maintained.

With rainfall 9% below normal, Rajasthan faces an acute drinking water crisis. Jaipurs Bisalpur dam catchment has little water reserves left. The government has resorted to tube well digging, which depletes ground water. With more than 80% of the state overexploited this is not a sustainable solution.

Reduced rainfall is a telling sign of climate change and when coupled with population growth we see the exacerbated effects of water scarcity devastate already vulnerable communities. Without accessible clean water families become trapped in a cycle of poverty. Children are less likely to attend school and get an education as they have to support their families just to survive.
Water is not only essential for hygiene, sanitation and human health, it also sustains agriculture and food security. Water is essential for economic development and progress.

Jaipur is densely populated with a thriving textile industry. If the water used in the block printing process is not treated, dye residues contaminate water ways impacting not only natural ecosystems, but agriculture and food production too.
This is why we made the critical decision to support the Clean water 4 Artisans project.

10% of profits from the sale of Lucia is donated to Clean Water 4 Artisans.
By purchasing these treasures, you are not only investing in a beautiful item of clothing, but also, in the future of people & planet.