ELYSIAN | September 18 | Arnhem Clothing


Sunset soirees with days of love struck happiness on the horizons. Our muse enjoys the delicious feeling of Elysian happiness; ethereal and sublime. Slipping into silks of bohemian floral elegance, she indulges in daydreams of an eternity with her lover. Her kindred spirit found whilst venturing back to the innermost nature of herself. A vinyl record softly singing Fleetwood Mac in the distance. Familiar lyrics speak to her soul.
“Back to the Gypsy that I was”

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Visions of the modern day bohemian woman come to mind with the creation of our latest conscious collection ‘Elysian’. A name synonymous with celestial beauty and ethereal elegance acting strongly as the inspiration for these heavenly garments. Floating feminine silhouettes are brought to life in a divine match of luxurious silk and delicate floral embroidery. Tying it all together oh so nicely is an effortless vintage charm that stays true to our Arnhem roots. This collection is crafted from 100% natural fibres that are renewable and require little to no pesticides in the growing and production process. Both beautiful and friendly to our beautiful planet!
Elysian is a show stopping collection ideal for those truly special occasions that call for something a little extra. For brides or bridesmaids, romantic banquets or sunset soirees, this collection is sure to empower you with that sense of pure feminine beauty. Even after your special event, style Elysian unbuttoned over swimwear or a white summers dress to ensure your garment gets the wear it deserves. Transport yourself to the era of a vintage bohemian lifestyle, those warm sunny days spent dancing carelessly with a lover... This is Elysian!  



Maxi Dress | Mini Dress


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With a special thank you to the dream team:

MUSE | Irene Sacristán Gómez @nerii_xx

STYLING | Irene Sacristán Gómez @nerii_xx

PHOTOGRAPHER | Manu Lopez-Velez @manu_lopezevelez