Plastic Free July? How about a plastic free life! Zero Waste almost seems impossible {especially with little loves running a muck}, but we are here to save the day {Planet}… Here is a creative afternoon, with Arnhem & her little loves ~ an afternoon where teachings apply to both generations.
DIY: Beeswax Wraps ~ A sustainable & fun alternative to the commonly used plastic wrap; A soft plastic, causing havoc amongst our environment, especially our beautiful ocean! To make these cute & practical alternatives, we chose to utilise left over Arnhem fabrics floating around our office space ~ for an up-cycled effect. We love seeing our fabrics reused & up-cycled ~ especially for something that replaces plastic, and lightens our eco-footprint helping Mother Nature thrive & remain beautiful.  
The beeswax in the wraps contains a natural antibacterial, and with proper care you should be able to use them for at least a year. Utilise your special wraps for storing food such as fruits and veggies, covering salads or your lunch, and carrying snacks {for a beach day or for your little loves plastic free lunch box, we love the ones from @planetbox}.
We loved creating our beeswax wraps with little Inka and Meika learning as we do ~ teaching our younger generation the ways` of sustainability & the creative fun behind it!
To clean your wraps we recommend rinsing them with cold water and a natural detergent. Washing them in hot water may cause the wax to melt off.
 Ingredients ~
  • Cotton fabric cut to desired size {to match both glass jars, bowls, little snacks etc}
  • 50g beeswax
  • 25g gum rosin
  • 2 tbsp jojoba oil
Method ~
 Bring a metal bowl of water to a boil - placing a saucepan on top 
Combine all ingredients {beeswax, gum rosin & jojoba oil} into the saucepan 
Slowly heat the saucepan up, allowing the ingredients to melt together, creating a waxy liquid. 
Once all the ingredients have combined together, simply dip your fabric off cuts into the wax {we used tongs to do so}
Lay them onto a chopping board to dry or peg them up!
There are so many alternative ways to a beeswax wrap method ~ some may use an oven, an iron etc!
PS. We purchased our ingredients from Santos {our favourite organic store}!  













Enjoy loves,