Creativity & Care - The Ilona Story.

A powerful creative energy flows from our Ilona print.
Its wildly feminine, and a dream on the eyes, skin and the planet.
What was the inspiration behind this spellbinding, captivating print?
And how might we preserve its intoxicating beauty?


The Ilona print in Forest from the new Arnhem Storyteller collection




The alluring print is named after our inspired designer, Helene. Ilona is a variant of Helen, its root being the greek name Elena which means beauty and light.
Never has a print name been more closely aligned with the feeling it summons- beautiful and light-filled is exactly the way you’ll feel in Illona.




The stunning print is inspired by the art of batik, originating from Indonesia. Batik art is as beautiful as it is intricate.
As with traditional batik art, our Ilona print features incredibly delicate dots in its pattern. The scattered wildflowers of the Illona print symbolise untamed beauty.
The kind that can’t be repressed or harnessed. The wildflowers were inspired by the wild feminine and the sacredness of nature. Tropical birds nestle among the wildflowers.
Birds symbolise harmony and light, inspiration and good luck. Illona-wearers are infused with the freedom and peacefulness of the bird.


Arnhem vintage inspired quilted jacket in the Ilona print



The planet is forever at the forefront of our design and manufacture approach.
Digital printing is a much greener and cleaner alternative than screen printing, requiring less chemicals and waste.
This makes digital printing gentler on the environment, manufacturers and wearers.

Ilona was digitally printed at a Bluesign certified printing and dye mill. Bluesign is an independent verifier.
In order to be certified, the mill is required to act responsibly and sustainably with regard to people, the planet and its resources.
This means adhering to strict regulations regarding banned chemicals and environmental practices.


The Ilona Mini Dress from the new Arnhem Winter Collection



Illona is crafted from LENZING™ ECOVERO™ - branded viscose fibres are of botanic origin.
Procured and produced in an eco-responsible way from certified renewable and sustainable wood sources.
Lenzing purchases wood and pulp derived from responsibly managed forests.

The fibres have been certified by the EU Ecolabel.
This label of environmental excellence is only awarded to products and services that have a significantly lower environmental impact throughout their lifecycle:
from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal.

LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers result in up to 50% lower emissions & water impact than generic viscose, meaning your beautiful Ilona piece is consistent with a sustainable lifestyle.




A special manufacturing system enables LENZING™ ECOVERO™ branded Viscose fibers to be identified in the final product, even after a long production chain.
This means that our environmentally conscious Arnhem babes can be assured of Ilona’s sensitivity to environmental concerns.

In summary, we  💚 this fabric because it’s botanical, renewable, sustainably and responsibly sourced, low impact, soft and absorbent.
Being comprised of wood pulp, the fabric is compostable. Should your Ilona treasure ever return to the earth, it will break down and begin a new cycle of life.
But given the spellbinding beauty and environmental-mindfulness that’s informed every facet of Ilona, you’ll want to treasure it forever.


How to care for Ilona from Storyteller Arnhem's winter collection



Like everything beautiful and worth preserving, your Ilona treasure will thrive with a little TLC.
Careful care of our clothes assures their longevity, thereby decreasing the need to buy new items and reducing our environmental footprint.
Follow these simple washing instructions to preserve Ilona (and the planet!).

· To take best care of tassels, we recommend wrapping a rubber band or hair tie tightly around tassels when washing

· Cold hand wash with mild (preferably botanical based) detergent. Cold hand washing also preserves the vibrancy of the print

· To dry, lay flat or drape over drying rack out of direct sunlight

· These natural fibres will shrink after washing, to regain size, fit and hand feel (softness), a thorough iron is necessary.


·  Once dry, iron following the grain of the fabric, at a moderate temperature with steam (safe to use similar temperature as you would for a wool or a cotton blend).


·  You can iron inside or outside the garment.


·  We recommend gently stretching out the elastic in the garment to be able to reach the iron into the gathered sections.


Caring for Ilona so that it maintains its colour and shape

Treasure the planet  🌏 Treasure your clothes 🌿

The Ilona print embodies the cool of a rainforest canopy.
The stillness that coexists with the never-ending sights and sounds of life.
The wild feminine energy that is the source of all things.
Care for Ilona as you care for this planet - with gentleness & attentiveness.