Behind each print is a story.
And it’s this narrative that becomes a form of identity for the piece that you’ve purchased.
Let us share the story of Amelie with you, so that you know the importance of her journey
& how you can care for your beautiful new treasure.


The Amelie print from sustainable fashion brand Arnhem Clothing


L’Amour, our collection name, is the French feminine word for love. 
When we were designing the key print for this collection we wanted a name
that conjured the emotion of not only love, but the sense of magic when you put on
a piece that transforms your reality.


Amélie the 2001 romantic comedy was based in Paris, the city of love.
This beautiful film plays with the themes of reality -v- fantasy and also happiness.
And so, the name Amelie was born.


When designing the print we played with nostalgia, with a direct nod to the 70s.
Amelie is an original artwork; a beautiful floral paisley illustration.
This playful bohemian print combines incredible border detailing,
with key components of the print manipulated & enlarged.
The end result an original work of art - a keepsake to treasure forever.


Amelie is printed on a sustainable fabric - compostable natural fibres


Amelie is crafted from LENZING™ ECOVERO™ - fibres of botanic origin.
Procured and produced in an eco-responsible way from certified renewable and sustainable wood sources.
Lenzing purchases wood and pulp derived from responsibly managed forests.

The fibres have been certified by the EU Ecolabel.
This label of environmental excellence is only awarded to products and services that have a significantly lower environmental impact throughout their lifecycle:
from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal.

LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers result in up to 50% lower emissions & water impact than generic viscose,
meaning your beautiful Ilona piece is consistent with a sustainable lifestyle.


Sustainability is at the forefront of our design and manufacture process.
Digital printing is a much greener and cleaner alternative to screen printing, requiring less chemicals and waste.
This makes digital printing gentler on the environment, manufacturers and wearers.

Amelie was digitally printed at a Bluesign certified printing and dye mill. Bluesign is an independent verifier.
In order to be certified, the mill is required to act responsibly and sustainably with regard to people, the planet and its resources.
This means adhering to strict regulations regarding banned chemicals and environmental practices.


Sustainable womens fashion by Australian brand Arnhem clothing


Our Sustainability officer Jyoti has been working with our mill for quite some time to
perfect the hand-feel and drape of Amelie. To achieve the super soft, free-flowing,
luxurious appeal we opted for a delicate weave that must be treated with love and care.
As in nature, savage beauty and fragility are inextricably linked.


Sam's laundry - caring for sustainable fabrics to preserve their life

For your Amelie treasure to thrive you have a responsibility to love & care for each other.
Naturally wearing more and washing less goes a long way towards
preserving your delicate Amelie piece, and conserving natural resources.

For everlasting loveliness just follow these simple steps from Sam's Laundry:
p.s. Sam's our incredible production co-ordinator seen above. 

1) Cold gentle hand wash only, preferably with a plant-based detergent.
2) Be careful with the metal bells on the drawstrings, they may catch the delicate fabric and cause a snag –
when hand-washing try and keep these out of the bucket, or sink.
3) Hang this delicate beauty on coat hanger to air dry out of direct sunlight, or lie flat on a towel in the shade.
4) To return your treasure to its full glory use a garment steamer, or an iron on moderate temperature with steam to smooth out any creases and folds in the fabric.
5) With steam the Amelie fabric will soften and drape beautifully.


Collections for conscious consumers from eco-friendly brand Arnhem Byron Bay

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