Celebrating World Environment Day

Celebrating World Environment day

Responsibly sourced, natural materials are the most sustainable way to create products that are easy on our planet.

Choose Your Treasures With The Planet In Mind


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Celebrating World Environment day - Cosy Knits Made with RWS Wool & Alpaca

The RWS certificate ensures the wool is from an ethical source where the sheep have been reared in line with the five freedoms of animal welfare. Encompassing the physical and mental wellbeing of the animals as well as holistic land management practices. Peruvian Alpaca is one of the most ethical fibres sourced from free roaming Alpacas in their natural habitat. The Alpaca are traditionally sheared in the summertime using cruelty free practices.


The Wool is naturally renewable. Sheep play a role in the carbon cycle, consuming organic carbon stored in plants and converting it into wool making this fibre low impact. Further to this, garments made from wool return carbon and nutrients to the soil when they break down in a natural environment. Wool has a positive life cycle.

Celebrating World Environment day

Celebrating World Environment day

Celebrating World Environment day

Mules made from cork, wood & 100% LWG leather

Crafted from leather sourced from a LWG (Leather Working Group) audited and rated facility. Focusing on environmental management systems, water usage, energy consumption, air emissions, effluent treatment, waste management and most importantly, traceability.

 Celebrating World Environmental day


Did you know?

Most wedge heels have to have a foam base... Because we avoid plastic at all costs in our production, we had to work with our manufacturers to develop a wood base that would be gentler on the planet. This way, when the shoes are at the end of their life they can actually return to the earth in far less time than traditional wedges. Anything with plastic will take hundreds of years to disappear from the planet.

Celebrating World Environment day


Made with Cactus & Sand Leather

We discovered A_C when we were on the hunt for sustainable accessory brands. At the RAW Assembly conference last week we learned more about their practices and commitment to the circular economy, while creating vegan leather bags that aren’t made from just plastic. We are excited to carry this innovative (and stylish) new brand!

Celebrating World Environment day




Sustainable plant based vegan-leather made from cactus, distinguished by its incredible softness, while remaining ultra durable and gentle on the planet.



A PU and PVC Free Leather alternative made from Silicon. This textile’s raw material is derived from Sand and is has a smooth, luxurious hand-feel. It is one of the most durable textiles A_C have ever worked with.


Learn more about A_C bags. They offer bags that are not only environmentally-friendly, but environmentally-beneficial. To do this, they develop ranges using Plant-based, Organic and Recycled textiles and donate profits to Carbon Sequestration Projects through our Social Enterprise.