Celebrating International Day of Yoga with @herwildwellness

Monday, 21 June is International Day of Yoga 2021. To celebrate the Arnhem team came together with Denise of @herwildwellness for a mindful morning yoga session. Like taking medicine for your mind, body and soul we moved our bodies consciously, focusing the breath to develop new pathways and patterns – allowing us to switch off from everything else and be present. A real treat when life gets so busy!

Not only is our long-term friend Denise an incredible human and yogi, but she also specialises in nature-based wisdom and slow sustainable wellness. As this year’s International Day of Yoga theme is ‘Yoga for Wellbeing’ we thought we’d share with you a little more of the work Denise does outside of yoga. If you want to find out how to increase your radiance and vigour, then keep reading as Denise shares more about Ojas that in Ayurveda is the ultimate refined result of digestion, metabolism, absorption and assimilation. Get ready to learn more…

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Arnhem celebrates International Dayof Yoga 2021 with a heart meditationCelebrating international day of yoga 2021 at Arnhem HQ Byron Bay


Denise, please introduce yourself…

Hello! I’m Denise, I’m 28 years old, originally from Melbourne but I’ve been living in the Northern Rivers, Arakwal Country for the past 6 months. I am an integrative health practitioner, Ayurvedic consultant and Yoga teacher. I am a typical Taurus as everything around me needs to be aesthetic and sensual.

What are your most cherished daily rituals?
I like to start my day slowly and internally by journaling, reciting some prayers or mantras and a gentle meditation. The two most important things for me to achieve in a day are nature time and rest; as long as I’ve spent some time by the trees or ocean and taken a few minutes in the day to check in with my nervous system then that is a successful day. All in balance of course, as I need to weave these rituals around working a full-time job.


Tell us about your Ayurvedic approach to women’s wellness…
My work in sharing Ayurveda and Women’s Wellness is to remind people of their own cyclical nature by encouraging them to simplify their life, protect their ‘yin’ or feminine energy, compile a daily practice of unique self-nourishment and regulate the nervous system by honouring the cycles and rhythms of nature.


Arnhem celebrates international day of yoga with denise of Her Wild WellnessDenise wears Arnhem sustainable jersey yoga clothes


What is Ojas?
Ojas (OH-jas) is the synonym for immunity in Ayurveda (The ancient Indian medical system) and it is the sweetness we maintain when all of our being is nourished, rested, spacious and drenched in love. A plentiful reserve of Ojas is reflected physically in the lustre and juiciness of the skin, a glowing complexion and brightness of the eyes. A high reserve of Ojas maintains fertility (in body, mind and creativity) and strong immunity. Ojas is most potently found within the hormonal, reproductive and cerebrospinal fluids of our body and is often poetically described as the honey / nectar / invisible essence of the body.


What are some simple acts of self-love that people can adopt to nourish their Ojas?

Eat foods that are fresh & organic where possible; these foods are high in Prana or ‘life force’.

Foods that are (naturally) sweet, heavy, unctuous, cool, and smooth help build Ojas.

Practice forgiveness, patience, love & surrender.

Be mindful of the information you ingest through all of your senses.

Prioritise rest, relaxation & adequate sleep.

Engage in what you are passionate about and what strikes your heart with beauty.

Spend time in nature and do your best to live in alignment with nature's seasons & your circadian rhythm.

Practice Heart Meditation and restorative styles of yoga and movement.

This year I’m manifesting…
A really supportive and nourishing community in the new area I call home, of which I am grateful has already come to fruition - but more of that energy!


Talking aboput Ojas and wellbeing for international day of yoga on the blog at Arnhem


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Namaste Lovers xx


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