Celebrating at Cape Byron Distillery

To celebrate the launch of Golden Hour our team joined together late on a Friday afternoon at Cape Byron Distillery.

Celebrating Golden Hour with Arnhem at Cape Byron DistilleryChelsea and Sarah from Arnhem Clothing at cape Byron DistilleryPina Coladas at Brookies Gin to celebrate Arnhem's launch of Golden Hour

More than 14 months in the making from design to delivery, it’s important to pause and reflect on the collaborative journey we’ve been on as a team and celebrate the launch of a new collection. At Arnhem we believe in taking time to slow down and celebrate the wins to boost our mood, energy and creative spirits before we delve back into working on future collections. So slowing down with a Slow Gin at Cape Byron Distillery seemed like the right thing to do!

We have so much respect for the team at Cape Byron Distillery; for their approach to honouring time-honoured traditions, their commitment to sustainability and the sheer extent to which they have been involved with the regeneration of the subtropical rainforest around Byron Bay. What’s particularly cool is that of the 25 botanicals in Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin, 17 are sourced locally, with many coming from the rainforest that they have restored.

Set in the heart of this subtropical rainforest, not only are the drinks delectable, but the views are to die for too. From the balcony you look out across the beautiful canopy and across to neighbouring macadamia farms. Upon arrival we were welcomed with a Mac Daddy Colada consisting of Mac by Brookies, pineapple juice, white rum and macadamia milk. One of our fave liqueurs right now, Mac by Brookies is made from roasted macadamia nuts and toasted native wattleseeds. The footprint of this liqueur is light as all of the macadamias used are actually grown right here in the Northern Rivers and roasted by hand at the neighbouring Brookfarm - LOVE.

The Arnhem Team in Golden Hour at Brookies GinIncredible food platters at Cape Byron Distillery from Arnhem clothing Incredible cheese platters at Cape Byron Distillery Byron Bay for Arnhem Rainforest Martinis at Cape Byron Distillery with Arnhem Byron bay Jyoti and Helene from Arnhem at Cape Byron Distillery

In the tasting room next to the incredible 2,000 litre copper pot used for distilling, we each reflected on the journies we'd been on to arrive at the launch of Golden Hour, which concluded with a toast and words of gratitude to all who were part of the collection. From here we made our way out onto the balcony for sunset. Treated to incredible gourmet platters we were then served a Rainforest Martini, made with Brookie’s Slow Gin and garnished with Aniseed Myrtle Leaf from the beautiful backyard! This incredible rare, insanely yummy gin is made with Davidson Plums that are unique to the subtropical region of Byron Bay. We also love the fact that this sumptuous bush tucker is an antioxidant powerhouse when it comes to fruit – so technically super healthy too.

As golden hour began to fade and the cold winter eve closed in, our hosts served us the perfect drink to end the celebration: the Mulled Slow. Brookies Slow Gin gently simmered with honey, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, cardamom and apple, served warm with orange zest – perfection!

Mulled Slow Gin at Cape Byron Distillery to celebrate the launch of Arnhem's Golden Hour collectionTeigan and Chelsea from Arnhem clothing at Cape Byron Distillery

Cape Byron Distillery is located at McLeods Shoot just 14 minutes outside of Byron Bay. To book a distillery tour head on over to their website HERE 

You can also purchase products from their full range online

This afternoon, everything was magic at Golden Hour – thanks to Cape Byron Distillery ✨

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