Castaway - A Zero Waste Style Statement

Never let a good thing go to waste. 


Castaway is the zero-waste style statement from Hidden Paradise - our most sustainable collection yet! 


Circular design in fashion example, Castaway a zero-waste collection by Arnhem


The linear nature of the fashion industry is at its limit and our natural resources are becoming dangerously scarce.
The growth of the fashion industry is under threat unless we act now and move towards a circular approach.
Circular fashion is our saving grace – by putting the environment at the forefront of every step of the process we can regenerate
and restore materials with the intention of them circulating in society for as long as possible. 

As an effort to move towards zero waste we have been sorting through fabric remnants from past collections and reimagining them into something new.
We’ve been doing everything in our power to achieve circularity wherever possible and believe that our Castaway collection is the closest we have come.


Castaway Blouse by Arnhem Clothing Sustainable zero waste fashion

Sometimes we overestimate our needs, which can consequently result in unprinted fabric termed as deadstock collecting dust on our shelves.
However at Arnhem we don’t believe in waste and think that every piece of fabric deserves to be celebrated in all its glory.
So rather than letting perfectly useful fabric go to landfill, we have given what could have been considered deadstock, vibrant, new life.
Using the remnants of our 2017 Azalea collection seen below, we have crafted our most conscious capsule yet – Castaway.


We've used deadstock fabric from Azalea to make Castaway at Arnhem Sustainable Clothing

The incredible kaleidoscope of corals of our printed Castaway range is made from Lenzing™ Tencel™ and Viscose by Lenzing™ AG blend.
By using no borders and being conscious of the pattern lay, we’ve created this beautiful, minimal waste range that ensures maximum fabric efficiency.


Fashion made from deadstock fabric a zero waste treasure from Arnhem clothing

Castaway is a special, limited-edition capsule collection.
And now that you know it's story you can understand why these treasures come in limited numbers.
Get in quick and share a lifetime of love with these beautiful pieces.