Carbon Challenge

Psst..we recommend calculating your Carbon Footprint for 100 extra entries!


Arnhem has partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to bring you a 4 week challenge to help you understand your impact and make small changes to your life that will have big impact!

Register and follow our weekly challenges and you could win a $1000 wardrobe from Arnhem AND a custom Arnhem x Ez Riders electric bike ($2680 value) for participating. Plus, you could win a bunch of other prizes from our partners like, a voucher for fresh slides from Indosole, a new Tushy Bidet, two Salty Aura rugs, locally made beeswax candles from Ahana Candles a $250 voucher to Pottery for The Planet, and so much more.

    Calculate your footprint and upload a screenshot after entering for 100 extra entries!


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    Carbon Challenge with Carbon Positive 

    Carbon Positive Australia is a registered Australian charity established in 2001. Their mission is to restore land and sequester carbon through ecologically sensitive tree-planting projects. 

    Australia is a unique and diverse continent. 85% of Australian plant species are endemic, and 7-10% of all species on the planet are found in Australia. But this wealth of biodiversity is under threat. WWF’s 2020 Living Planet Report revealed that Australia’s wildlife population declined by up to 97% between 1970 and 2016. This loss was further compounded by recent droughts and the devastation of the 2019/20 fires, where it is estimated that approximately 20-100 threatened species and their habitats were destroyed. Other contributing factors are population growth and unsustainable consumption, and the exploitation of land and natural resources. The irresponsible introduction of invasive species of animals, plants, and pathogens has also caused destruction to ecosystems.


    Carbon Positive Australia’s mission is to rehabilitate and restore degraded land. They work with natural systems, planting climate-specific native trees to create habitat and provide fodder for animals, birds, insects, and sclerophyll species (vegetation adapted to prevent moisture loss in the landscape). Another focus is riparian regeneration. Riparian corridors are the interface between land and waterways. They provide structure and stability for the soil, preventing erosion and retaining moisture and nutrients, building healthy soils, and resilience to drought. By increasing ecological balance, they provide clean waterways and diverse vegetation and habitat. 


    Carbon Positive Australia also supports landowners in carbon farming, sequestering carbon through their native reforestation projects while protecting agricultural heritage. They provide community engagement and education, and connection to country. They also support businesses in their journeys to becoming carbon neutral.


    Carbon Positive Australia was the first organisation to introduce an online carbon footprint calculator. Tailored to Australian households, the calculator is a free tool designed to educate and empower individuals to reduce their personal impact. The calculator features a user-friendly interface and can be accessed via desktop and mobile platforms. It contains relatable facts and resources to help navigate lifestyle changes, allowing individuals to reduce and offset carbon emissions. Results can be shared and compared.

    Small individual behavioural changes add up to big impacts. We have a window of opportunity, and collectively our actions can make a difference. We can choose to take responsibility to protect and conserve planetary systems by reducing our carbon emissions. These delicately balanced systems support life; a temperature rise above 1.5 ℃ will have catastrophic consequences on biodiversity, human health, economies, and food and water security.

    Understanding your carbon footprint is the first step towards making meaningful change.


     “There is the saying that if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together, and tackling climate change is something we should do together. It is not up to one individual, and it certainly isn’t something we can do on our own. We should be empowering and encouraging one another; within our families, in our friendship circles, with our colleagues at work, to make small changes to better this Earth”. – Lauren Purcell, Communications & Partnerships Coordinator for Carbon Positive Australia

    1. Our Australian Carbon Footprint Calculator is a free step-by-step tool that empowers you to make positive changes to reduce your carbon footprint and combat climate change.

    2. The Carbon Footprint Calculator helps you understand your carbon footprint and provides facts, tips and practical steps to reduce and offset your emissions.

    3. This user-friendly version of Australia’s first carbon calculator is based on Australian emissions factors and provides a transparent and accurate calculation.

    4. For more than 20 years, Carbon Positive Australia’s native revegetation projects have restored degraded land across Australia and captured carbon. This means when you offset your footprint with us, you are restoring our native landscapes and fighting climate change.

     Calculate your footprint here and get 100 extra entries in the giveaway!

    Join us on our new year’s resolution journey to reduce our carbon impact and take the Carbon Challenge:


    1. Register for the challenge above
    1. Calculate your carbon footprint using Carbon Positive Australia’s Carbon Footprint Calculator and submit a screenshot for 100 extra entries
    1. Participate in weekly challenges:
    • 6th Feb | Power, Banks and Super
    • 13th Feb | Food and Waste
    • 20th Feb | Travel and Transport
    • 27th Feb | Water 
    1. Find out who the winner is on the 18th of March, 2022.

    Final call for entries will be the 13th of March, 2022.

    Together we can turn the tide on climate change. 


    Meet our Carbon Challenge partners!

    AHANA is a mother and daughter co-creation; born from a shared love and reverence of the alchemy of beeswax and flame. AHANA translates to ‘Inner Light’ and reflects the simple yet ancient ritual of lighting a candle and the devotion to spirit and self that it ignites deep within us. Our desire is to create beautiful and pure luxury candles that evoke a feeling of sacredness and divinity in both hearth and body. Beeswax is a precious gift from nature and when burned in its purest form, beeswax aids in cleansing the air, offers a calming warm glow and burns for longer. Our earth is our only home and we are committed to her preservation; all of our candles are made with locally sourced pure beeswax and are packaged with care for our planet. Our candles are lovingly hand poured in the Northern Rivers, on Bundjalung land, infused with the beauty and magic of the valleys and forests that we are blessed to be surrounded by. May we all ignite our light from within.
    Marianni & Valentina


    Pottery for The Planet  is the creative love-child of Renton Bishopric and Clare Botfield. These two artists and passionate activists were drawn together through environmental campaigning back in 2006, and have continued to campaign (and do life) together ever since. Pottery For The Planet exists to contribute to the Earth’s long and healthy life, by eradicating single-use culture and plastic waste across the globe. Through beautiful, unique designs and high-quality, handmade products, we aim to save over 1.2 billion disposable coffee cups going into landfill each year (That's just Australia). We will continue to innovate in order to bring new products to market that will further reduce single-use waste across the globe. Our products are intended to create exponential awareness and inspire positive action as they spark the conversations we need to have in cafes and beyond.


    Indosole - Each year 1.5 billion tyres are being discarded worldwide. At Indosole we have found a better use for these tyres and have prevented over 100,000 tyres from landfills and given them new life as soles for our footwear. The idea of turning tyres into soles came from the Indonesian people. Through ingenuity they, like many cultures around the world, managed to turn trash into something functional and new. Sustainability does not need to be boring. We think of environmentalism as fun. We want to live a beautiful and fun life with good health and good friends. A clean and diverse environment allows for human health and happiness, for us, our friends, family, all of mankind and the animal kingdom. We hold transparency and honesty to the highest - within our supply chain, workers rights and wellbeing, partnerships and decision making. We limit toxicity. We innovate. We research, learn, grow, think, learn, wear.


    Salty Aura Our names are Jake and Jade and we are a young couple based in Middleton, South Australia. Our aim is to help inspire you all to get out and explore more of this incredible world, while also giving back to it. We are currently travelling Australia in our high top troop carrier, while designing more rugs and beautiful things. We wanted to bring you quality aesthetics which can accompany you on your own adventures while also making a difference. Our rugs were created to take with us on our road trips, where we would spend most of our nights on sand, dirt or grass. We needed something to keep all that out, but at the same time, we also wanted something we could snuggle up in on those cold nights.


    Byron Bay Apiaries honey comes from three generations of beekeepers, nestled in the lush hills of the Byron Bay Hinterland. The Black family have been cultivating bees here since the 1970s and are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of our key ecosystems by supporting these pollinators. Hayden and Adrian, a father and son team, are often seen in the Byron Hinterland transporting hives, catching stray swarms and giving them new homes, or tending to their existing hives.  Byron Bay Apiaries works with small batch honey across a range of fields and farms throughout the northern rivers region, allowing resilience to build across colonies. Our practice relies on the natural ebb and flow of the seasons, avoiding too much human intervention to create a product that is raw and natural. We love our bees, and seeing the golden nectar enjoyed by so many gives us great joy. 


    TUSHY is a team of toilet crusaders, fighting for clean bums and reduced global wastefulness.  TUSHY was founded by Miki Agrawal to upgrade the American bathroom experience with a modern, best-in-class, affordable bidet attachment. Wiping with toilet paper after you poop is not only ineffective but contributes to many health issues (from wet wipes too!), not to mention kills 15 million trees to make the toilet paper. After an eye opening trip to India, Miki also decided she had a personal and corporate social responsibility to tackle the country’s defecation issues. After founding TUSHY, Miki enacted a corporate give-back program. Through the give back program, a portion of each TUSHY provides one family in India with access to clean community toilets by partnering with Samagra.


    Santos Organics  was created back in 1978 from the original vision of ‘the good life’... good vibes and good food. We source the best organic food and natural lifestyle products, and every single one goes through our Santos Organics Care-Check, so you can rest assured that if you shop with us, you’re shopping consciously. We’re a little shop with a big heart and we believe that to care for ourselves is just as important as caring for Mother Earth. As an environmental not-for-profit social enterprise, every time you shop with us, you’re shopping for the good of people and planet. We donate a portion of our profits annually to support a range of awesome organisations working hard to improve our environment. We focus our investments to support the local economy and work actively to eliminate waste across our operations.


    Sunshine Cycles were created in 2016 with a passion for community and the environment. We pride ourselves on having a sustainable purpose inspired by the wonders of freedom. Beginning our journey in the idyllic seaside town, Byron Bay, we could see that there needed to be a change in how our visitors and residents got around. There is a massive traffic problem in such a small town and many people who live and visit here have the environment at the top of their priority list, it was a perfect incubator for Australia’s first solar-powered ebike pods. All our bike pods are made using recycled shipping containers, solar-powered and our bikes are offset, so you can be sure that when you are taking in the sights and sounds of this amazing community you are keeping the health of the planet in mind. You can hire a Sunshine Cycles bike when you are next in town, and if you are wanting a pod in your town, reach out to us.


    Ezriderz was created with a similar ethos and passion for sustainability as Sunshine Cycles, we wanted to not only be a bike hire solution for people in Byron Bay but for our customers and followers to have an

    environmental solution, available all over Australia. Ezriderz was born. Ezriderz is all about style, accessing freedom, being healthy, and never compromising on quality. We use the highest quality components, offer long-range km’s, the latest technology, customisations and our fat tyre bikes are designed to go anywhere. From urban landscapes to off the beaten track, our 70’s inspired choppers will revolutionise how you get around. Be in charge of your freedom.


    Zero Co are on an audacious mission to rid the world of single-use plastic and clean up the junk in our oceans. They’re doing just that by making single-use plastic free body-care and home-cleaning products that are vegan, grey water/septic tank safe and made from plant-based formulas here in Australia. Their beautiful Forever Bottles are made from ocean, beach and landfill bound plastic (OBL), made to last a lifetime and refill forever with pouches that you send back to Zero Co (for free!) to be cleaned, re-filled and sent back out to another customer. Oh, and every order is delivered carbon negative. Yup, not neutral, negative!

    Zero Co want to help Aussies make sustainable switches and ditch single-use plastic in their kitchen, laundry and bathrooms for good. It’s easy and can have a big impact - The average Aussie uses 3,109 single-use plastic bottles (of the 10 products Zero Co make) in their lifetime. That’s 1 BILLION bottles Aussies buy and throw away every single year. Imagine reducing that many bottles in your lifetime?