ASSHA | September '18 | Arnhem Clothing


Tales of a far away romance flowing throughout her imagination, our muse graces her world floating in the clouds.

She's a dreamer. Emitting an aura of flirting femininity, her way of life inspired by sun kissed afternoons spent loosing her self in vintage novels.

The epitome of Parisian charm. One will admire her love for the purest delicacies, the simple pleasures in life.

A luscious picnic packed enroute to hidden secrecies; days spent twirling in romantic silhouette's throughout her enchanting chateau.

You will find Assha revelling in a lovestruck daze, a flower field of whimsy. 


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With an essence that tells tales of a vintage Parisian inspiration, our latest

conscious collection Assha brings to life whispers of flirting feminity. Featuring

a delicate floral print dancing across flowing silhouettes, Assha arises feelings of

whimsical romance. This dreamy collection transcends from sunshine spring

adventures through to sweet summers nights. Blooming in three exquisite

colour ways of Eden, Meadow and Coral, our Assha fabric holds sustainability

close to heart. Crafted from renewable botanical fabric, this eco collection

embodies natures goddess, feeling as beautiful on the body as it does on the earth.

Timeless styles paired with intricate lace detailing ensure these classic Arnhem 

pieces infuse an effortless feminine beauty into any occasion.

Loose yourself in the blissful aura of Assha...



Maxi Dress | Mini Dress  | Midi Skirt | Blouse | Jumpsuit



Toddlers Dress | Toddlers Jumpsuit | Kiddies Dress


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With a special thanks to the dream team:

MUSE | Megan Blakeirwin  @meganblakeirwin 
PHOTOGRAPHER |  Ming NomChong  @ming_nomchong_photo 
HAIR & MAKEUP |  @ashleapenfold 
STYLING | Marisa Sidoti @marisasidoti