Jaz is the Artist behind our ‘Here Comes The Sun’ Tee.

Meet the artist behind our best-selling Here Comes The Sun Tee , Jaz of @harleyandj

Jaz worked with us on our Mother Earth Tee; you can read our first ever interview with her here. Since then Jaz has had a beautiful baby girl and continues to balance her career as an artist and illustrator. 

Below we chat about new beginnings, inspirations and motherhood...


Meet Jaz of Harley and J the illustrator behind our Here Comes The Sun Tee


Congratulations on creating your new little love Bonnie Blossom: how has this new chapter in life been for you?

Thank you so much , my journey to motherhood has been intense and beautiful. It’s so true what they say nothing can really prepare you for it all but in the same breath it feels so normal and I often wonder how I lived my life before without her in it. I’m so grateful to be on this journey and thank my lucky stars every day for having Bloss in my life.

Tell us about the story behind the illustration for our tee, and where the inspiration comes from for each design element.

I can’t help think of the Beatles song and how it symbolises a new day even after a cold long winter, the sun always follows the darkness. It feels hopeful to me for new beginnings.


Meet Jaz of Harley and J the illustrator behind our Here Comes The Sun TeeOur Sustainable organic cotton Here Comes The Sun Tee exclusive to Arnhem

Here Comes The Sun – what does this symbolise for you?

To me it symbolizes new growth and new beginnings.

How do illustrations contribute to storytelling?

Humans are very visual beings, we thrive off art, we have done since the very beginning of our existence . It’s so natural for us to imagine a story in our heads but I love that art can be a way of people bringing that part of their imagination into a physical form to share with others.

Have your ideas, inspiration and emotions expressed in your art evolved with motherhood?

If I'm completely honest it’s been a slow journey back to my artistic self, for the moment Bloss is my focus and art comes second. I know with time I will come back to my art completely but for now I am enjoying the shift of focus in my life. I know my artistic self will be there for me when I am ready.


Meet Jaz of Harley and J the illustrator behind our Here Comes The Sun Tee on the blog at Arnhem

What’s your formula for perfecting the art of fun?

At the moment for me it is all about being in the present moment. If motherhood has taught me anything it is that time is so fleeting and to try and embrace that moment as much as possible.

What are you most looking forward to?

After the last year or so we have had with the pandemic Im looking forward to seeing more family and friends. Its been a dark and hard time for so many and I finally feel the sun is rising again for all of us as our lives hopefully go back to what they were before.


Meet Jaz of Harley and J the illustrator behind our Here Comes The Sun Tee the inspiration for Arnhem


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