Arnhem's sustainable journey.

Arnhem's sustainable journey


• 1% of our sales goes back to the environment


• Redeveloped plastic garment bags and post satchels in compostable materials
• Redeveloped swing tickets and paper packaging in FSC recycled materials


• Redeveloped standard base fabrics in sustainable fibres
• Shifted to digital printing
• Worked with suppliers to source certified mills


• Introduced a supplier agreement including a code of conduct, restricted substance list and quality control procedures
• Introduced Revive utilising fabric off-cuts


• Expanded Revive with zero waste collaborations
• Artisan collections including crochet and block printing
• Shifted from predominantly air to sea freight
• Launched our first Made in Australia collection
  • First charity tee campaign


• Ran care and repair workshops as part of Fashion Revolution
• Clean water for artisan campaign
• Published Sustainability zine
• Launched our first made to order collection
Arnhem's sustainable journey

Our Challenges

In today's crazy world, sustainability means so many different things. Some companies may focus on ethical working conditions, while others may be concerned about chemical-free farming or environmentally friendly certifications for manufacturing. But to us, it means more than that. Sustainability is an ever-evolving journey. We are committed to reducing our impact but we acknowledge there are always challenges associated. We pledge progress, not perfection.
Sustainable fashion, better processes, improved materials, and exceptional technology are all driven by innovation.  A new generation of scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs are rethinking our relationship to everyday things, especially fashion and textiles. New or improved opportunities often come at a high cost, which makes it expensive to explore them.

Additionally, new technologies and fibres are often accompanied by high minimum order quantities, that can be prohibitive to smaller brands. When we are working with our suppliers there can be a resistance to change, especially when redeveloping standard fabrics or exploring new technologies. 
We are facing increasingly complex challenges when it comes to maintaining visibility in our supply chains. We spend limited time on-site with our suppliers due to offshore manufacturing and we strive to visit and nurture these relationships and then rely on auditing bodies to certify authenticity. 
We pledge to always be honest and transparent about our business practices at Arnhem. We thank you for holding us to account.

A personal note from our General Manager
The million-dollar question- "Why Arnhem?"
We make clothes, like so many fashion brands in the world. Our collections are designed by our talented design team in conjunction with our formidable founder/design activist, Arnhem. Designed with sustainability in mind.
With sustainability, there are limitations - as we know, all too well. Our sustainability coordinator works tirelessly to ensure we are setting and meeting our sustainability goals, both at home and overseas through our supply chain all the way to what we deliver to your door.
For me it is clear. I believe in Arnhem and the team of like-minded, creative, individuals she (and we ) have empowered along the way to work with her on building her brand. Creating clothing, made sustainably for our future, at times it isn’t perfect, but I am 100% sure we are on the right track.

Progress, not perfection.

Because at the end of the day- without the arts, without a snuggly, sustainably sourced alpaca knit sweater or flamboyant rust-coloured paisley jumpsuit paired with an outrageous pair of vintage boots or second-hand coat, clothing has the potential to end up dull drab, and boring. Our clothing has the opportunity to bring joy.
If created in the right way- clothing has the opportunity to have a big impact.

If we can get up, each and every one of us, feel the reinvigorating effect of our own “why”
Choose carefully the brands you shop with, the items you invest in, and the life cycle of each garment that comes into your care. What we have is the power to change and create.
I believe we will be unstoppable.

Maybe we might just inspire someone out there to do the same.

Katie x 
Arnhem's sustainable journey