An Intimate, Sustainable Journey

Our Faith Intimates are sweetly feminine, breathtakingly racy, infinitely soft
... and they also have a story to tell.


New sustainable lace intimates from Byron Bay brand Arnhem


Featuring flattering shapes and overflowing with irresistible femininity, our lacy intimates were incredibly popular in the past.
Previous lingerie collections were made from nylon and velvet - synthetic, non-sustainable fibres.
Former fabrics were derived from petroleum, they were not biodegradable and had sizeable carbon footprints. 
Despite their popularity, our commitment to sustainable fashion practices meant we no longer felt comfortable creating these lovely pieces if we couldn’t do so sustainably.
This marked the beginning of our mission to find a sustainable nylon alternative.


Eco Intimates from sustainable fashion brand Arnhem Clothing


Our pioneering Sustainability Co-ordinator Jyoti has been on the sustainable nylon case since she began working with us over two years ago.
She began by approaching all of our suppliers to find out if they could source recycled nylon.
Once our known suppliers were exhausted, Jyoti expanded her search.
At long last, she stumbled upon a fabric swatch of partially recycled nylon at the Future Fabrics Expo in London in February 2018.
Jyoti popped on her sleuth hat and tracked down the agent, and then the mill responsible for the fabric.
This was no small feat, entailing endless back and forths, and a number of setbacks along the way.
Exclusively using sustainable fabrics comes with limitations and design restrictions, but we have a commitment to our values.


Sustainable underwear from Arnhem clothing the Faith Lace intimates


And finally - beautiful, lacy lingerie is now ready for you, created from 63% recycled nylon.
The nylon used in our Faith pieces is made from recycled pre-consumer waste minimising the environmental impact.
For our conscious consumers we know that our Faith lace is not 100% sustainable; our journey, although long, is still in its infancy.
Following numerous test we decided on a fabric blend, for performance, design and comfort reasons.
Quality & longevity are core to creating sustainable alternatives for you. 


The shapes are reminiscent of ones you adored in the past; endlessly flattering and enticingly feminine.
The Noir colourway is the pinnacle of sultry, while the Lilac exudes on trend dreaminess.
A seductive amount of see through and impossibly delicate, these pieces are sure to win over your heart and body.
With the added feel good factor of enabling you to make a sustainable change in your lace intimates draw today. 


Sustainable lingerie from Arnhem Clothing Byron Bay made from recycled nylon lace


Celebrating growth is a critical part of the sustainability journey and we’re incredibly proud of creating such sustainable beauty.
It’s been a long time in the making and represents a lot of hard work.
Of course, being only partially recycled, we hope to improve even further in the future.
The sustainability journey involves a great deal of trial and error, occasional frustrations and constant learning.
But nothing could be more meaningful and central to our business.
Sustainability forms our guiding values, but is difficult to live by in the world of lingerie -
if you know of sustainable lace alternatives that maintain their function please share your knowledge with us at