A moment with Steph Olejniczak

Arnhem Muse, Steph Olejniczak shares her favourite summer moments, fashion inspo and how she became a professional photographer.
Tell us where you are based and your favourite things about your hometown?
I’m currently based in Laguna Beach CA, but I lived the last 10 years in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and grew up in Michigan. My favorite things about where I’m at right now are the beautiful beaches & coves & the sunny California weather.
How did you first start your journey in photography and what are the pivotal moments that led you to become a professional photographer?
I’ve always loved photography and had aspirations to work with fashion, makeup, & photography from a young age. I spent most of my life in small towns so got creative with content creation with brands. I’ve actually been a makeup artist for 12 years as well and was working with teams on shoots, but I just had the burning desire to be behind the lens. I feel the fire the most when I can have more creative control. It feels very full circle to be doing everything that I’m doing now over at 


What inspires you?
Nature, the ocean, traveling, movies, music,  books, everything.
How would you describe your personal dress style?
Comfy and timeless but majorly inspired by 90s & early 2000s style.
You experienced a sun-soaked European summer, what are your favourite memories from your travels?
Every memory from European summer is always a good one! This summer I loved spending time with my husband and then being able to work with a creative team and really get to know everyone with the amount of time we spent together. Highlight was spending time in a beautiful villa for a week with @jayneejayne waiting for the rain to pass for our shoot cooking dinners, taking long walks through the country, and having movie night every night.