A Guide to Mindful Travelling

It’s no secret that travelling has a harmful impact on the environment, but here at Arnhem we know that travelling can be inevitable.
Our recent trip to jaw-dropping Oman was carefully planned with the planet in mind, and we wanted to share our sustainable tactics with you.
So here’s our guide on how to fly high - mindfully.


Before you leave for your travels - how to be sustainable when travelling


Mindful travelling begins even before you leave home. These simple tips and tricks will have you on your journey to sustainable travelling in no time.


~ Unplug ~
Unplug all of your appliances. Your computers, chargers, televisions, microwaves and so on.
You may be surprised that even while not in use, these objects when plugged in, can use as much as 10% of the electricity within your home.


~ Offset Your Carbon Footprint ~ 
Planes inevitably produce carbon emissions, there’s no stopping that. Although, you can make up for the carbon emissions released when flying by reducing them elsewhere.
So when travelling by plane is unavoidable, offset the carbon dioxide emissions of your travel by donating to environmental projects such as reforestation initiatives.
You can offset your carbon footprint directly through your airline, or alternatively you can calculate the amount of carbon emissions produced from your flight
and donate the equivalent amount of money to your chosen project.


~ What To Pack ~ 
Here are a few of our eco-friendly essentials for your next adventure. If you’re going to the tropics, reef-friendly sunscreen is a must have.
The harmful chemicals in sunscreens cause irreversible damage to coral reefs when washed off.
So keep an eye out for sunscreens with natural minerals ingredients such as titanium oxide and zinc oxide.
Opt for your own toiletries and say no to the single-use items supplied by hotels. And every reusable items you own.
Read on for our favourite reusable items to reduce waste whilst in air, that can be used on your entire escapade.
But our biggest tip is to pack light, every kilo counts. Our girl Tash takes just the essentials, so she only needs carry-on luggage.
This little trick makes airport exits speedy & helps to make the plane lighter keeping CO2 emissions down.  


And please, don’t print your ticket, use your digital wallet.
Every little bit counts.


How to be sustainable when travelling


~ Choose A More Efficient Airline ~ 
When booking flights, choose an airline that offers the newest planes.
Airplanes become more fuel-efficient with every generation and more environmentally friendly.
While they may be more expensive, they have less expense on the planet.
A number of airlines have committed to reducing their use of single use plastics - it's worth the research in the long run. 


~ Fly Economy ~
Flying in style is simply not sustainable. Live a little – go economy.
The less room you take up, the less petrol used. This one’s simple.


~ Fly Direct ~
If possible, fly direct.
Take-offs & landing are the most fuel-intensive parts of a flight, so by flying direct & avoiding unnecessary connections you can keep CO2 emissions down.
And let’s be honest, no one likes waiting around in airports.


~ Avoid Single Use Items ~
The amount of wastage from plastic, paper and cardboard in-flight is astounding.
To put things into perspective on average 5.7 million tonnes of passenger waste is created each year.
This equates to 1.4 kgs of waste per passenger per flight.
And sadly, a seriously high percentage of this waste cannot be recycled due to concerns regarding biosecurity, so instead is burned or sent to landfill.


With that being said, if every person was to bring their own reusable items such as keep-cups, water bottles and reusable utensils, we could begin to reduce these figures.


Arnhem’s essential in-flight items will have you waste-free and loving it both on the plane and off:



How to be a mindful traveller


~ Getting Around ~
As flying produces enough carbon emissions, opt for friendlier transport once you arrive at your destination.
Try bike riding or walking because let’s be honest that’s the best way to explore a new location, and it’s much kinder to our planet.
And for longer journeys, use public transport - sharing gets a huge tick from Mother Earth.


~ Eat, Shop & Live Like A Local ~
Avoid chain restaurants at all costs. Delve deep into the culture of that country by living like the locals.
Search for locally grown or sourced, sustainable food and support the community.
Look past the busy touristy, spots and explore the hidden streets, aka foodie heaven. You’ll find a sea of local restaurants, fresh food markets, food stands.
Not only is this a sustainable option in reducing the food-mile impact of your meals, but it’s also where you’ll taste the most authentic, and not to mention delish, food of that country – it’s a yes from us.
Much like restaurants, avoid chain shops at all costs – this is not a drill. Support the artisans by shopping local handcraft products and souvenirs.
These intricate and beautiful products will be far more unique and sentimental.
You will also be supporting the local artisans by making their craft their means of livelihood.
Living like a local will have head over heels with the country.



There it is folks, our guide to mindful travelling.
We know travelling can not be entirely sustainable however we believe if everyone utilises these simple initiatives,
we can help reduce our footprint and continue on our journey towards a sustainable future 🌏✈️👣


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