$5K Donation to The Seabin Foundation

What you buy makes a difference. 
And thanks to you, we've donated $5,000 to the SeaBin Foundation. 


Seabin solutions to ocean plastic on the blog at Arnhem


Seabin's mission is to live in a world without the need for seabins.
Seabin Smart Tech is a technology similar to a rubbish bin mixed with a pool skimmer.
It filters surface water in upstream locations or close to the coast through a pump system that works 24/7.
Seabins filter not only microplastics, microfibres, polystyrene foam & rubbish from our oceans, but oil & pollutants too.


  The Seabin Project is amongst the world's largest technical clean ups with units in over 53 countries.
On a global average, 1 Seabin collects 3.9kg/day or 1.4 tonnes/year of marine debris.
Every day Seabins filter 500 million litres of water and remove over 3.9 tonnes of marine litter from our waterways and oceans.


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The Seabin Project's CEO & Co Founder, Pete Ceglinski, acknowledges that the problem of ocean plastic pollution will never be fixed by technology alone.
"Behavioural change and better education is what’s going to turn off the tap and save our oceans, but in the meantime, we can start cleaning it up!"


The Seabin Foundation Ltd is committed to working with communities and with the science associated with Seabin Smart Technology to address the problem of ocean pollution, more specifically of plastics in the ocean.

Removing litter upstream from waterways through Seabins is one side of the solution.
But the Seabin Foundation’s mission is to actually close the loop by focussing on prevention through education, community engagement and scientific understanding of the data to work efficiently with local government authorities, industries and citizens.


Find out how Seabins cleanup ocean plastics on the blog at Arnhem
SEABIN reporting provides detailed data review outlining the types and quantities of litter collected.
This data can then be used to tell a story about the local priorities to reduce plastic pollution.
This information is collated to amplify awareness of the issue and report to the community.


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Donations to the Seabin Foundation expands impact beyond ocean clean ups through their connections with local community and school groups,
using SEABINS to support education.  The Seabin Foundation provides STEM lessons to people of all ages, organises community events to bring about positive awareness of practical actions and knowledge to sustain cleaner oceans.
In 2019-2020, a conference was organised called Summit to Sea, involving 14 national and international speakers in Byron Bay, Australia.
A high school program called Seabin Bloom Experience was designed and delivered with 8 workshops carefully selected and organised by a group of 15 students


Seabin data supports local communities through school education programs

At Arnhem we are committed to being plastic free.
Our decision to partner with the Seabin Foundation is based on the biodiversity benefits gained from removing plastics, oil and pollutants from oceans and waterways. 

Plastic pollution can result in entanglement or starvation for marine life.


Plastics of all sizes, even the smallest, release harmful toxins into the water and also attract chemicals as if they were magnets.


Plastics enter the food chain which humans are a part of. This happens due to either small fish or marine life ingesting small plastics, which are eaten by bigger fish. Plastics accumulate and do not dissolve, which stays in the fish tissue and is subsequently ingested by humans. Nano-size (microscopic) plastics have been discovered in the water we drink (both bottled and tap water were found with plastics) and the sea salt we eat. Nano-plastics have even been found in human blood from people around the world, as well as in beer.


Plastics are also a cause of ocean acidification, which makes global warming worse by hindering the oceans' ability to absorb CO2. 


And this is how what you buy makes a difference - courtesy of the Seabin Foundation...


How Arnhem's donation to the Seabin Foundation has helped.


Anyone can contribute to the Seabin Project mission.
To support Seabin Project you could start a crowdfunding campaign for your local area. Or donate to the Seabin Foundation via the website.
If there is already a Seabin near you, become a volunteer for the data collection. Or contact your local council/city and ask them how there could be Seabins funded to clean your local river, lake and coast.


For more information head on over to seabinproject.com
Or, become part of the community and follow Seabin on Instagram @seabin_project