$25K Donation to Rainforest Rescue

Hello fellow planet lovers 🌿🌏we have some sublime news for you.


As part of our alliance with 1% for the Planet
Arnhem has donated $25,000 to Rainforest Rescue,
which translates to 2,500 trees and offsets 6,250 kilos of carbon annually.


This donation will enable Rainforest Rescue to plant on the Nightwings to restore damaged rainforest.
The Nightwings property at Mossman, QLD is located in the Daintree lowland rainforest.
This 15 Hectare property was once a stripped sugar cane field and by planting now over tens of thousands of trees,
the rainforest is slowly coming back to life in its attempts to join the upland Daintree at the back of the property.


Arnhem donate $25K to Rainforest Rescue as part of their 1% for the planet dontation


Rainforest Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation that has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1998.

They give earth-conscious individuals and organisations the opportunity to donate towards the purchase and regeneration of rainforests.

Their essential work preserves all-important biodiversity via tree purchase of rainforests, planting, weeding and maintenance.


The Arnhem team planting 3500 native trees at Cape Tribulation


The Daintree rainforest is one of the most significant regional ecosystems in the world, making it of international conservation importance.

During our recent visit to the Daintree, a couple of our green-thumbed Arnhem beauties were honoured to spend a day planting 3500 native species on a property at Cape tribulation.

Rainforest rescue’s aim with this particular property to restore the lowlands so they link to the highlands.


Tash and Teigan from Arnhem visiting the Daintree Rainforest to work alongside Rainforest Rescue


The environmentally-conscious magic kept on coming thanks to our stay at fellow-Rainforest Rescue supporters: Daintree Ecolodge.


With the eco-luxury accommodation and philosophy of reducing environmental impact and making a positive impact on the surrounding community,

we couldn’t have imagined a dreamier stay. Their sustainability initiatives are many:

they recycle 100% of their water, have an onsite herb and veggie patch which provides their chefs with a constant supply of fresh produce for guest meals,

all organic waste is composted or fed to local livestock- just to name a few!


We are grateful to the Daintree Ecolodge for hosting us on our visit to the Daintree


As long-time lovers of rain forest and the tranquility it always brings, we were incredibly grateful to experience the sheer majesty of the Daintree.

Taking a moment to absorb the spellbinding surrounds and breathe in the clean air, we were struck by the importance of preserving and protecting this beautiful planet.

What better way of doing that than contributing towards the planting and protection of life-sustaining trees.


Arnhem Clothing eco-movement leading the way to a more sustainable future


Thank you for supporting us on our journey. 

You make this all possible.