$25K Donation to Greenfleet

$25K Donation to Greenfleet | Off-Setting Carbon Emissions 


Arnhem First Quarter Sustainability Report 2019

How overwhelming it can feel, the magnitude of the environmental crisis we now face. Engulfed by information on the dire state of things, it can be difficult to detect the impact of our changing hearts and habits. So, like a breath of fresh air, this news comes to revitalise and replenish. As part of our alliance with 1% for the Planet, Arnhem has donated $25 000 to Greenfleet, which translates to 6219 tangible, huggable, life-giving trees and offsets 1667 tonnes of carbon.

Greenfleet is a non for profit organisation that does the angelic work of uniting people with meaningful climate change action. Their planting of native trees does wonders for the environment in a number of ways: by reducing carbon in the atmosphere, providing food and habitat for native animals, conserving biodiversity and reducing salinity and erosion. We depend on this tree-fostered biodiversity for necessities both material; in the form of clean air, fresh water and food, and immaterial; in the form of cultural, recreational and spiritual nourishment.

Making a difference Arnhem Byron Bay - A fashion brand Off-Setting Carbon Emissions

The 6219 Arnhem-sponsored trees are located inland of Byron, on property adjoining the Border Ranges National Park in Northern NSW, making the site an important vegetation and habitat link. Tallowwood Eucalyptus and Forest Red Gum species have been planted with koalas in mind. Recent reports on the impact of land clearing have highlighted dwindling numbers of koalas in NSW, and these trees offer food and habitat to the native heart-stealers. In just six years dramatic transformation is possible; see a remarkable example of Greenfleet's work in the shots taken of a Victorian site below...

Arnhem Donates $25K to GreenFleet

If this hope and oxygen-increasing initiative sparks inspiration, more good tidings: there are a number of ways you can support Greenfleet as an individual- pop onto their website here for more information on how you can get involved with their life infusing and affirming action.

How heartening, the knowledge that our choice to shop mindfully has such palpable and, in the case of a border ranges koala, edible ramifications. In addition to trees, this initiative plants motivation, hope, empowerment. The power and majesty we bear witness to in nature is present within each human heart, let us utilise it to its fullest extent.